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What is the most inexpensive WIRELESS way to get audio (stereo) from an RCA type stereo plug source or perhaps Fiber optic source to a receiver that just has RCA inputs? total distance maybe 50'

I checked with Crutchfield their solutions are $700 to $900 end to end.
The ccRadiio solution was a $59 low power FM transmitter not sure how far that goes OR the signal quality once it gets there.

Anyone ever done this?

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You could get a pair of devices for under $50 that would send video and stereo audio in one direction, and a remote control signal back, so you could operate a "set-top box" from a disconnected television.  Not sure if they still make these for analog signals, but I'm sure you can find them on eBay.

I was trying these devices when they used analog transmission, and the results were spotty.  If you had a lot of control over where to place both devices, it would help.  I imagine they came out with digital transmission for analog signals, and this could work better.

For my own purposes, I wanted to run a signal from one room to another, so I just bought a cheap (but good-looking) 50' dual RCA cable.  But I got a lot of hum, perhaps because the two rooms were on different sides of the house AC, so I bought a $15 A>D audio converter for one end, used the RCA cable as a digital coax, and used a digital coaxial (RCA) input on the receiver at the other end.  This works great!  And I figure i could use the other wire for video in an emergency (might have some hum) but I haven't tried.  You can also get single-wire 50' "premium" (cheap) RCA cables, but another way I used to do very long RCA runs, was to use a 50' or 100' coax from Radio Shack that was sold with F-connector ends, and you could get screw-on adapters for about $1.50 which would turn the F-connector into an RCA plug.

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Long range low latency bluetooth probably.
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