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I have a c/ku setup for my dish,i receive many KU transponders,would i receive many more Ku transponders if i had a dedicated KU band dish ?

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Yes, if the dish setup is well done with quality parts. Most mesh dishes are not the best choice for Ku signals. Here after getting several solid dishes I have put most of my mesh dishes into storage piles.

Remember that the input waveguide for Ku freqs is about 3/4 of an inch wide. Any focused sat signal which does not find its way into that small hole is just lost to the Ku lnb or lnbf. It requires a quality dish shape to focus "all" of the collected rf energy into that small 3/4 inch size hole.

The other point is to be able to reject all of the unwanted signals from other sat positions. There is no receiver which can make up for what is done poorly out at the dish.


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Love my Unimesh 12ft dish,I have tracked all the satellites from 135 west -3west I have been very lucky,i receive many KU transponders across the arc ,problem if i get a dedicated KU dish only place is Roof ,i have 4 dishes up there already.Can i get a pipe along the side of the house and would that dish go 135 west to 3 west.

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-3w????   Huh.... On the east coast here and it is bending the dish to see 8w...Pretty low on the horizon....You on some massive mountain on the east coast just poking down at a huge elevation?

Cant get 8w anylonger here on the east coast...Built a privacy fence that blocks this.

Is that a typo Transponderman?

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I actually get my dish down to 0.08 west   VERY LUCKY  i'll never move..I am 5 miles north of Boston 10 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean,and Yes on a very steep hill,almost a mini mountain kind of hill......HAPPY HAPPY
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