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I removed my 3.5'' hard drive with all my recorded shows, and placed it into an enclosed case with an external power supply and fan. my new receiver  does not recognize the contents of the  drive , nor does my computer ( no shows or folders listed) but does show the device is ready to use and does show safe to disconnect drive in task bar . the  drive was formatted in the az  + when it was originally installed 3 years ago . what am I missing/ or needs to be done to read my drive ? thanks

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Which model AZBox?

What kind of new receiver?

What kind of computer?

VLC and SMPlayer should be able to play recordings made with the AZBox, but to do that requires your "computer" be able to recognize the Linux EXT2 filesystem used by the AZBox. Supposedly there is a Windows driver for EXT2, but I've never tried, as I use mostly Linux on my computers anyway. If your "new receiver" doesn't recognize files on your AZBox's HD, most likely either the new receiver doesn't understand the transport stream files the AZBox created (the problem I have with my AZBox ME for h.264 recordings), or the new receiver doesn't recognize the EXT2 filesystem. Possibly the new receiver needs to have EXT2 filesystems mounted manually. If your computer only has Windows, you could burn a Linux live CD or DVD to disc or USB stick and boot that to play those files with the Linux VLC or SMPlayer versions. If your external device is USB2, you should be able to connect it to an AZBox to play its contents.

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