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live in boston ma I need an expert in digital mpeg and satellite  ,my guy is lost in the clouds..is there anyone who does this in the northeast..

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hi rick,,it is george from boston,my problem is my satellite guy hasn't worked on a BUD in over 25 years he is great at wiring and splitters and such,but beyond he has no clue, today he came over and seemed LOST,as if he never did this,he said to me the digital is too advanced he is still in analog world,the asc1 freaked him out,reading the manual over and over and over,all he kept telling me I DON'T KNOW that really made me feel great,he said too advanced, i need someone,i'll fly him in...any suggestions....MANHATTAN receiver...ASC1 positioner....4 dtv receiver...need to make this work..i have invested too much $ with all new equipment including rg 11 wire and new lnb.....everything is 2017 material..thank you Rick..whatever you suggest  appreciate  thank you...

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The best thing to do is get used to doing things yourself. No better way to get familiar with your toys
than to play with 'em. If someone else does everything for you, then you don't learn anything.

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does anyone know of a installer in the northeast that knows his stuff,need one bad,,my guy hasn't a clue about digital,,,im in boston and my dish is 52 ft from the ground,,,such a great hobby but soooo specailized........i need a SERIOUS DUDE...

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If your not comfortable doing it yourself check out the phone book obviously but there are sports bar's and other establishments similar that still have the big dish and maybe they can turn you on to who did their work and maintained their equipment

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52ft above the ground..Have a pic of this greek?..I`m sure there are members here from the Massachusetts area that tinker with BUDS.Might get lucky and find someone local familiar with installing a large dish.Good luck.
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Originally Posted by greek
does anyone know of a installer in the northeast that knows his stuff,need one bad,,my guy hasn't a clue about digital,,,im in boston and my dish is 52 ft from the ground,,,such a great hobby but soooo specailized........i need a SERIOUS DUDE...

what exactly do you need done? i used to install bud's back in the day and have a lot of experience.....

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Yeah Geek you really need to read and ask questions if you have been in satellite since you registered in 2010 you surely have all the basics and there really isnt much difference in analog and digital other then receiver changes. So look at all the great photos and write ups and ask away and dont throw away good money on a fantastic learning Hobby . WE ALL WILL HELP thats what its all about at Ricks !
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New England Antenna


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I agree with majortom the best thing is to take your time and learn how to do it yourself Read,read & Read it again until you get a understanding of what needs to be done. If you get stuck on something or do not understand a step come to This forum & ask for a solution to the issue. One thing for sure is when you  finally get it set up you will be so much prouder of what you accomplished. One of the most important thing is to make sure that you get your post plumb as it does not take much to throw the dish off from tracking the arc. JMO.

Good Luck with your Setup  SS

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Y'all need to consider that maybe not everyone can do it themself.  A lot of us got into this a long time ago, and maybe we had the work done by someone else, and they are no longer around, or, we've grown older and weaker and are physically unable to do it ourselves. But the addiction, and the desire does not go away, because the ability is gone. It's hard to ask for help !!
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This is tough for sure.

Not enough business for someone to make a living working on and installing the type of systems and equipment that we now use.

Most commercial installers will have no desired to work residential anymore.  For many different reasons, which include older dishes with worn mounts, dishes mounted on roofs, inexperienced users, lack of knowledge about consumer receivers and the overall complexity of having a Motorized System.

I many times can find a commercial installer to do a 1.2 Meter Fixed Dish and they will tell me that they will not do residential anymore.  They say that it takes to long and many times the customer did not understand the reason for taking so long and then did not want to pay for a full day of work at a commercial rate or when something did not work (signal of a posted feed not able to be locked), then they would get a phone call and a complaint about how much they paid and the system does not work.

So like I started with, This is tough.

All you can do is to keep asking around.  When you see a Hughes Net, Dish Net or Direc TV truck, try and ask them.  Don't call Dish or DTV, they will not help.  But some times, the guys working in the trucks will take a job on the side and help, even though they are not supposed to.  Hughes Net is your best chance, as they generally have a higher level of experience and a bit more knowledge and the right meters for doing this kind of work, versus the more typical Dish or DTV installers, many of who have never worked on a Big Dish.

So the more you learn the better off you will be and the more you can do yourself, the happier you will be, but if you just cannot do it, then all you can do is to keep looking and trying to find someone.

No Magic or Easy Answers.

Good Luck.



Please e-mail me if need to make contact @ rickcaylor@aol.com.
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Really? 52 ft in air?

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Greek,HDorBUST,gave you a link of an installer in the New England area.Did you call them?
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