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I need to add a power inserter to my two LNBs on my C-band dish (one is a Norsat 3220 PLL, the other is a 5150 DRO).
Currently, power goes from the receiver to a 1X16 DiSEqC switch,
then to a 2X4 DirecTV 14V/18V switch, then to the two LNBs.

The problem is that this set-up overloads the receiver's power supply, causing the signal to drop to zero (because the power supply has shut down) after maybe 10-20 seconds. I verified that this is the problem, because if I turn off LNB power for 10 seconds in the receiver's settings menu, the power and signal come back, but then shut down again in 10-20 seconds.

On paper, the receiver should be outputting enough power to handle this, but it doesn't. Maybe the LNBs or switches are drawing too much power.

Anyway, I am going to order a pair of surplus DirecTV PI21 power inserters (21VDC output - the LNBs are rated for up to 24V). (They can be had for as little as $6.50 each with free shipping on ebay.) Should I be concerned that 21V vs 18V will generate more heat inside the LNB, and thus more noise?

Two questions: Has anyone else used a PI21 power inserter with an LNB, and how well did it work?
Since the PI24 has an integrated switching power supply, and they are inherently noisier than linear supplies, has anyone tried using a linear supply with a power inserter to get cleaner power to the LNB, and was it worth the effort?

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