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I guess this is off topic and I know about people that don't want finds found.  

But I must ask, where has this site gone?

legit fta

And I don't get no link to nothing?

Is it just me ain't mak'in me feel better.


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The Apache Server has the answer for you. There is no more webpage or forums at legitfta. It now has a webpage, for selling steroids and stuff like that, at the same IP address.

Fortec Star 6' with C/Ku Gospell LNBF and crippled 16 month old (3 plastic gears broken out of the blue) Moteck QARL 3636+/VBox II. AZBox Prem HD+ via DiseqC switch. Now on old V76-1 with an adapted Reed Switch System.53W to 137W
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