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Hey Everyone:

I am using OpenELEC 6 on my WetekPlay but I would like to know what other people are using and how they like it.

So what is the best system for the WetekPlay with the DVB Module added?

Your comments are much appreciated!


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I have 2 WeTek's. One has the satellite tuners, the other has the ATSC tuner. I'm pretty sure both have WeTek OS v1.1.6 on them. However I rarely use the Android side of the WeTek. I primarily use a microSD card for both WeTek's. The one with the Sat tuners has an OS setup with openatv 5.1 on it. The one with the ATSC tuner has OpenELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-8.0-devel-20160829102302-r22899-g8e0bb2c.tar compiled by Darksky a member on this forum, and it uses TVHeadend to control the TV. I use the ATSC WeTek mostly, and usually use it for watching Internet video thanks to KODI. I have no idea what is the best, each one of us have different taste and we see things differently. I like the way it works for me. It works really well on both WeTek's.


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I use OpenELEC 6.03 I believe but I use it with the ATSC Tuner and it works very good.  For Satellite TV-Headend is a royal pain to setup in my opinion.  Wetek Theater works well for Satellite in Android but it could be better.  You may want to consider using Enigma 2 on a MicroSD card if you really want to use it for Satellite.  The Enigma 2 images work good but all have some issues as the drivers for the ARM processor aren't all developed.  Enigma2 was never supposed to be on the Wetek so we are lucky it actually works for the most part.

Satellite on the Wetek is a bonus in Android, OpenELEC, and Enigma 2.  It is really designed to be on one Satellite in Wetek Theater and OpenELEC as most users in Europe and Asia use it that way in their setups.  


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