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Ultra vs. Traxis DBS6000HD

How do these compare?
Is there anything the Traxis can do that the Ultra can't, and vice-versa?
Is there any reason to keep both?
If you had to choose, which would you choose?


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the Ultra will do 4.2.2 which is what CBS uses on there main east and west feeds.  I do not think the ultra is still being manufactured.
 I have a traxis and love BUT it does not do  4.2.2.
  both in my opinion are very good receivers.

age is just a number 8 foot solid dish,Quali,Traxis 3500,TT3200,PROF 7301 and 7500 new AZ Ultra ) new openbox S9 ....working very great new Openbox 10 ....working very great
 have a new Icecrypt ...great receiver

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i have an ultra and used it last season for college football feeds.  i now have a traxis and have had 2 nites to mess with it for a couple hours each nite.  the ultra will do 4:2:2 video and the traxis will not.  although i've spent quite a bit of time messing with the ultra, i'm still not comfortable in operating it because i just don't think i've figured it all out yet.  also, on some of the feeds it seemed like i couldn't get a lock for whatever reason.  maybe the thing's just not all that sensitive, i don't know.  after spending 2 nites with the new traxis, i'm beginning to figure it out and i think once i spend a little more time with it, i'll like it.  seems to be a pretty sensitive receiver.  if it's anything like my old mpeg 4:2:0 traxis, looking for feeds will be relatively easy.
in summation: i think i'm going to end up liking it a lot more than the ultra because of it being an easier-to-figure-out-how-to-use receiver. and although i can't watch 4:2:2 feeds on it, it will find them, and i can watch on another receiver, like the quali-tv, if i want.  i do wish the traxis allowed one to scan separately for vertical and horizontal polarity.

one last thing, i got mine from rick and i would highly recommend the service he provides.  it's first class.

Coverage:72-139 degrees West; 8' Channel Master 1984 vintage fiberglass dish, polar mount; SuperJack ZX HQ actuator; Chaparral Corotor II Plus feedhorn; DLS Model 719 5v c/ku sat switch at dish; Astrotel 15 degree C band LNB; Norsat 4106A KU band LNB; Receivers:ancient Panasonic CRD-4500 Analog for dish moving/polarity, X2 Premium HD, Traxis DBS6000HD, Azbox Ultra, Traxis DBS-3500, QualiTV 1080-ir, DMTsat DMT 1000(out of commission)

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Hi Scott, I have both, just wanted to see what others thought. The Ultra has a lot of extra features that I don't care about, I wish I could get a custom firmware made that just does the satellite stuff, maybe would speed it up, it's way slow IMO. the menus are hard to get used to, also too complicated. Scans are too slow and I don't know how much it misses.
The Traxis seems pretty good. I bought it from Rick. I wish they could put USALS in it. I thought it did 4:2;2 when I bought it, was surprised to find it didn't. Maybe we'll get some nice firmware updates. Still looking for a receiver that will make me say "okay, I can throw away the Coolsat 5000 now!".

--- a collection of semi-functional equipment, backed-up by a pile of questionable items!

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Don't throw away the 5000 yet! Keep it for backup, never no when it might come in handy. As for the Az Ultra, handsdown the best recv. that I have used. Yes it is a bit slow but it gets the job done. 4:22 is good if you don't have a pc card to work with. I have skystar hd2s pci, tbs 6925(nice) S9, Alien2. I fine myself always coming back to the Ultra. The menus are a bit of a pain, but once you know where to go, they are just like other stb's. So it comes down to a learning curve. Play with it for a week and you should know the Ultra inside out. Also the software/toolbox makes changing lists easy from pc. Just my view. Later.
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