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Originally Posted by wejones
BTW, I sometimes have problems if I set that refresh rate too low, if there are a lot of channels in the mux.  Seems like then it doesn't have time to print out all the images.

Re those maximum pictures numbers, sometimes I would see thumbnails that only had partial pictures.  Turned out that the transponders weren't sending the complete frame each time.  But if you increased that number to around 30, then the whole picture would print out, because it would collect more partial images.  However usually 10 or so would work fine.

I will play it safe and change that refresh setting to 30.  I hadn't thought about the impact when large numbers of channels have thumbnails to display and refresh.

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I wouldn't bother changing it unless you run into problems.  I usually keep it low around 10 so it will update faster, but if I have problems, then change it to a higher number.

Those other parameters are more interesting, and don't always do what I think they will.  I can't remember where I saw a channel that only gave about half a screen, but changing those MAX images settings to a higher number brought in the whole screen, but I seem to remember having some issue with having them too big too, because I changed them back to smaller numbers too. Almost best to just leave them all low, and play with them if there are problems. 
     But the channel that gave half a screen was one that some people were saying played fine, but other people were saying that it gave video that was blinking on and off.  I tried 2 different receivers here, and one worked and one didn't.

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Originally Posted by wejones
Well, I got it to work.  And I feel dumb. 

It looks like the new version of TSREADER has default values of zero filled into the options in the Refresh rate/maximum pictures window.  When I filled realistic values there, everything works.  Try 20 in all 4 windows.

BTW, it was voomvoom's comment about timeout that made me think of that.

Thanks to you and the search button this would have taken many hours to figure out. [smile]

Amiko-A3, AZBox Me, MicroHD, and TBS6903. DG-380 Motor (43.1°W to 127.0°W), on 1.2M Geosat Pro.  3ABN Dish @30.0°W. 2nd 1.2M looking @103.0°W. 12FT Paraclipse Dish looking from 37.5°W to 111.1°W.
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