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I recently got my AZBOx back from Rick who managed to fix the booting problmes by installinga nwe power supply. Yeah!

It now has a new problem. Rick had put in the last firmware and I was unable to get it to execute any timers properly. I had been using the reserve program function to change the channel unattended so that a programme could be recorded on a second device that also has to have a timer set up. This had worked fine until the booting problme occured. With the new firmware it would not change the channels ever, at times delete timers from the list while at other times keeping once off timers in the list once they had gone by without ever having executed them. I have been unable to delete this from the list.

So I thought this might be a problem with the new firmware. I had been using 5020 before and I know sometimes they will fix some bug and introduce a couple others. Hoping this might be the case and having had 5020 work fine in the past I managed to reload the old firmware. I had upgraded it somewhat regualrly until I found one that seemed to work for me. I know early problems included no stereo audio output and blacks being a dark grey.

After reinstalling 5020 it seems that the timers are still behaving flakey as they did with the new firmware. I haave several weekly programmes I like and I set the timers up to get them. They all appeared in the list of reserved programmes I also did a couple of test timers to see if things would work- they have not although one of them is in the list that was supposed to have ccured 20 minutes ago and I cant delete. While a few others have mysteriusly vanished.

I did install the sat list that I had gotten from Rick that had some sats I can get added in and a lot that I can not deleted- although ti would be cool if my dish could get channels from Europe! When I first restored this I got a message saying that a programme I had set a timer for last week (that was for Friday last) was about to change and asked if it was OK. I agreed and it went to that channel- this is the only time this has happened since I got the AZBox back. That was also a weekly timer and it so far has not disappeared from the list.

I have also noticed one other weird quirk- when I press the OK button to go to the channel list the highlighted channel is the first one in the list rather than the channel it is on as I recall it having done in the past.

Anyone experience this problem and if so figure out a way to get things back to what I thought was normal?

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I had a very old channel list back up that I discovered I had made and put that in. Many of the channels on it are no longer with us and a few I need to add. Plus there were all the useless sats on the list. Just loaded that into the AZbox. Made a test timer and it went off as it should. So something with the new sat list did not like either the latest firmware or the the one I had been using forever and a day. Now just needd to get the new channels in a delate a lot of old ones.
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