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Any clues here.

AzBox had a frozen picture with audio running earlier this evening.

This has happened before. To solve will put to sleepand then wake it up, this works about 25% of the time. If that does not work try reboot from menu this works about half the time. If that does not work I turn the power off on the mains switch in the back wait a few seconds and tunr it back on.

This has also seemed to solve the problem....

Until now the panel on the front sasy pwer on, then goes to the Booting. The booting however is not happening. Waited a few minutes for something to happen and when nothing did turned it off again waited several minutes and turned it back on. Been stuck in the booting stage now for the better part of half an hour.

Nothing comes up on screen at all it is blue (I am using SD video)

Any clues?

From what I understand this is still the only receiver one can use to get the CBS feeds, one of 4 things I watch on a semi regualr basis. So do not think it worth moey to buy something new that dies less than this did.

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If I recall correctly the Azbox boots from an IDE DOM (Disk On Module) flash device.

I'm guessing that this DOM has died. It could be replaced with another one, or some other IDE based storage device like a hard drive or CompactFlash drive (with an adapter). You'd have to install the Azbox system software to the replacement using a computer first though.

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There was a thread about the DOM thing a few months ago, where I was trying to boot from other IDE devices.
Actually, there is boot software on an on board flash device, and the OS is on the removable DOM.  If the boot software gets corrupted, recovery is a difficult process. If the boot software is OK, then you can recover if you have a blank DOM or other IDE device, if the IDE device is recognized, but you may need to have a backup of the OS on a thumb drive to recover.
When you reboot with the switch on the back, what is being displayed on the front panel display on the Azbox?
I think my Azbox first says Booting, then after a maybe 10 or 15 seconds goes blank for a couple seconds, then says booting again, then after another 5 or 10 seconds blinks and then says Checking, then Checking with some periods after it, then it blinks and says "Loading", and a few other things. 
    If you are going through that sequence, then I think that it is detecting your DOM, and trying to load the OS. 
If nothing appears on the screen, one possibility is that the video parameters have changed to a mode that won't display on your screen.  You say that you're using SD video, but don't say whether you're using the composite, component or HDMI outputs.  If the settings somehow got put into HDMI when you're using Composite or into Composite when you're using HDMI, then you might not see anything.  If the bootup sequence seems to go through the sequence, sometimes you can recover by using the Resolution button on your remote to put the Azbox back into the right video setup.  On my Azbox, I think the different settings are shown on the front panel display, but I think with some Azbox models, it's not on the display, so you need to know how many times to hit the arrow keys, etc.
   But if your bootup sequence never gets past the "Booting", or goes into the Checking, then back into the Booting, etc, then, it's likely that your DOM is corrupted, but it's also possible that the boot software is bad.  If the DOM is bad, or not detected, it will show an error saying that the drive isn't detected.  I wouldn't assume that the DOM is bad unless you see that error message, and even if you do see that message, I would suggest pulling the DOM out and re-seating it, although do it very gently, as it is in there very tight, and you have to carefully wiggle it out by pulling on the left, right, left, little by little, so as not to flex the motherboard too much.  But I've done that many dozen times.
   But I'm guessing that it's most likely that the OS on the DOM and/or the parameters it's using are corrupted.  The situation here is why it's important to make backup copy of your setup, while it's working properly, and why it's important to keep a copy of the firmware on a USB thumb drive.  If you have a backup copy of your .dat files, which have your settings including sats, transponders, and channels, etc, and have a copy of the OS on a thumb drive, you can usually get back in business in just a few minutes, unless the boot software on the on-board flash device is corrupted.  If that is the case, there is another thread here a few months back where another member was able to restore the boot software after making a network connection after interrupting the boot sequence.

    I would guess, however that your best bet is to use the OS on a thumb drive method to re-load the OS, preferrably after reformatting the application area (ie the DOM).  However this will wipe out all your settings.  If you've saved your settings by having made backups of your .dat files, you can then restore those in a couple minutes, but if you don't have backups, you probably have to start over, although you can probably get copies of other people's .dat files to at least get you past the problem of having the European and Asian sats in the list.


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we must remember that the model AZBox elite hd,does not return from BOOTING.that model is PREMIUM HD o ELITE HD?????
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Originally Posted by lilo74
we must remember that the model AZBox elite hd,does not return from BOOTING.that model is PREMIUM HD o ELITE HD?????

I don't understand what you mean by "does not return from BOOTING"????


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I had this off for over a day and when I turned it back on it decided to boot up. Still a bit concerned about this.

The solutions offered me are appreciated but beyond my skill set.

I had Rick replace the power supply in my unit a but back and before I sent it to him I saved my channel and sat lists. He put in one that only had the sats we could see here but I could not get those to work. No idea why and after fussing with it for the better part of a day just put the old ones back in.

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No interest in selling. It is working now. But no idea what caused the problem. W/o it the big dish is more or les usless.
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