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Question please, I'm putting up a second C-Band BUD and I'm looking for a receiver to use with it, I find the SR1 an interesting alternative to my other receivers.  One question I have for those of you have already bought this unit, do you have problems with other remotes trying to operate the receiver?
I have a couple of Manhattan receivers , AZ-Bx, AZ-mini, AZ-Me, a few older receivers, Pansat and Viewsat receivers.  I find myself using the Manhattan remote more often than the others.  Does the remote for your SR1 try to control your Manhattan? Or reverse, does the Manhattan remote try to control the SR1 when  used in close proximity?   I like to look at several birds at once and it can be a real pain if a particular remote winds up.


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I have not seen any issues with the SYNOQ remote with a Manhattan or an Amiko Nano or a Pansat 9500. I have not used the SYNOQ in proximity to my AzBox or Vu+ DUo2 though.

I did find that the Vu+ remote does interfere (share codes that is) with my Delphi SkiFi2 XM receiver and changes the preset channels.  I just covered the SkiFi2 IR port since I listen to same channel all the time anyway.


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The SR-1 remote doesn't interfere with the Manhattan or any of my AZBOX's at all.  Also with any of the other receivers I have used so far.


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