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Found a bunch of Sitka channels among others, but do not know which satellite this is on.
I was using a receiver and  Dish on KU.

Can someone identify the satellite this is on?

Never seen this before

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Is it possible you had CBAND and not Ku?

I know the Alaska mux at 139W was reported to be in the process of moving to 115W a week or two ago,
I can't receive it, since 115w doesn't have an east coast footprint. There are a bunch of channels named sitka there on 139W the last time it was ITC.


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A problem with the switching?..You are on 115 as majortom mentioned or 139..I can`t see this 115 mux so no clue if they are labeled as Sitka`s but either way my guess is you are on Cband with some bleedover switching issues.
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The 115 mux has no mention of Sitka.  No channel names scan in.  There are only Program numbers.
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