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Not sure if my experience with my setup will apply here but I thought it can't hurt to share [smile]

I have a 1.2m ku pll setup and I was having he same symptoms on 103w 11760 5/6 fec. After troubleshooting everything I determined it was my lnb at fault, I bought 2 replacements (identical lnbs) and swapped one out and all was good again. A month later same problem started so I assumed bad luck or bad craftsmanship/cheap on the lnb and swapped it out with my last new one and it was good again for another week. Then it started acting up as well, so I took the first one apart and it appears fine so I put it back on and it works great again. So I've concluded they are getting moisture or frost inside them and after bringing them inside to thaw/dry out they are good again. Northern Canada here and we've had a really warm winter so far until last week when last one stopped it was -45C out, partly what helped me clue in to weather effecting the lnb. It also seems to effect the higher fec first, 5/6 gets drops were 2/3's don't etc. I have no experience with C band at all and the lnbs you use for it and if this could be possible?

Best of luck [smile]

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    Back in the analog days, I had a C-band LNB once that when it would start to get cold in the evening, like around  +12 deg F, would develop an oscillation that would slowly move up through the C-band transponders one at a time as the temperature continued to drop.  This oscillation would completely wipe out one transponder at a time.  It wouldn't do this every 10 sec problem described here, but the symptoms might be different for different LNBs.  At that time, I found that if I did a power cycle on the system that the oscillation would stop.  I eventually got a new LNB and the problem went away. 
   I have also seen some periodic outages (could have been in the every 10 sec time frame) that were caused by a receiver thinking it had lost lock, and it would try different diseqC switch settings periodically.  I thought it was my switch going bad, but I put a meter on the coax that had a 22KHz indicator light, and noticed that the receiver was sending out a diseqC signal every time I would have a signal blip. 


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During this cold weather I am getting 87w ku ten degrees off center I get 50q i regularly get 10q.

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Upon reading this topic I tried to look for someone that sold an LNBf with a rechargeable desiccant and found none.

But I did find this:

Which got me to thinking about my military days and we had to check the desiccants and pressure leaks
on our aircraft radar wave-guides. Low air pressure and moisture would cause arcing in the wave-guides.

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What is the solution to this problem?
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