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I have a Linkbox 9000i and a HH120 motor. When using the satellite search, it appears that the STB will start scanning for feeds before the dish has stopped moving. Other than pre-positioning the dish on the satellite, is there a way to stop that from happening? Did I miss a setting somewhere on setup?


LinkBox 9000i, Winegard DS3100 1-meter dish, STAB 120 motor.

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1. are you using usals, or gotox positioning?
2. what is the total coax length from stb to motor?
3. What antenna that you are moving?

Let me preface by saying I have never used either a linkbox, or a  diseqc motor.
I believe in general the motor will move faster when set to horizontal than it will on vertical.
Because on Horizontal your STB outputs a nominal 18 VDC to the LNB and motor,
while on Vertical it's a nominal 14 VDC. Lower voltage = slower motor movement.
The longer the total coax run, the more voltage drop, the slower the motor will run.
Larger antennas will have more weight and thus would be more load on the motor as well.

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Have a Pansat 9500 here moving a dish and being the Linkbox is pretty much the same down to the menus other than no ATSC.Panny does the same thing but I just make sure to keep an active TP for every bird and making sure the quality meter lights up before hitting the ok button to blindscan once the dish has made it to the position wanting to scan.

It is a pain especially if the dish is at Horizons 1 and wanting to scan Telstar 12 but is what it is...Mine takes about a minute to go from H-H.

Have room for a dish farm to scan immediately?.[biggrin]

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Thanks for the replies.  IRT the question, the distance between the  dish and STZB is about 20 feet, I'm moving a 90 CM dish and using USALS.  And H to H does take a long time since I have a STAB HH120.
LinkBox 9000i, Winegard DS3100 1-meter dish, STAB 120 motor.

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I believe it is in the SW (software). Not to take anything away from this nice STB.

The issue is the circuit is seeing a signal and thinks is it on the satellite so its start scanning straight away. This happens on most boxes as China is trying to make boxes for both Europe and North America and we all know they need to be different. Whereas Europe does not normally use motor drives and we do!

This is normally done with the Multi-scan satellite feature. I would say, move to single scan and eliminate the issue.

We have made the change but older boxes in the era had some issues on this. Understand the chipset companies are not allowing us access to the source codes to write our own SW. I can go on.


Jeff Schumann
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