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Can some one tell me the type of connector on the AZ Box Elite on the RF (TV) out on the rear panel?  It is bigger than an RCA and is a male connector.  Any idea where to buy one?


Mike W.

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I don't know. 
I can't get to the back of my Azbox without disconnecting all the cables, but I put a mirror back there to get a partial look at it.  Could it possibly be a GR connector (picture in Wikapedia)?

However I don't have a clue re what might come out of that connector.  What are you planning to connect it to???  I've never bothered trying to use it because there wasn't any info on what format is coming out of it.  Seems like it's likely to be analog NTSC/PAL format in SD, but there isn't any indication re what channel freq format is being used. I didn't recognize any of the audio formats, so even if you could find a corresponding channel and get video, you might not have any audio.  You may be able to get it to work, but it seems like a lot of work for something that may not be compatable.
   I think that before spending any money on adapters, that I would just run an f-connector coax to the TV input you're trying to interface to, and use voltmeter style mini-clips to grab onto the center conductor of the Azbox connector and the coax center conductor to make a temporary connection between the two. You probably don't even need the ground connected to see if it's going to work.
Good luck.  

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Its a TV Aerial plug used in Europe and Australia.  It can also be known as either the Belling Lee or IEC 61169-2 connector.  You can buy a PAL to F-connector adapter from lots of places on the web. 

What do you want to use this connector for on the Elite?  If its for an RF connection to an older TV I don't think it will work as it has no channel modulator.

If that's the case then you'd be better off buying a RCA to RF modulator.


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Thanks for the replies.  The reason I was doing this was my AZ box is inside 40' away from my patio where I wanted to watch the race yesterday and the college baseball regionals that may only be available on the AZ box.  I normally use a run of RG-6 from an access point in the garage to watch normal TV there.  Yesterday what I did was use an alligator clip to catch the center of that rf out connector to the center of my RG-6 cable.  This was OK but it was a little bit snowy and no audio.  I used a wireless audio system to get me the audio outside yesterday and this was klutzy but worked satisfactorily.  (just took the audio off the component jacks)  I was thinking if I had a proper connector I would not have the snow problem.  The AZ box has a limited channel output (lowest channel 21) and I had to scan and found it on channel 14 on an analog set.  This channel incapability might be the cause of the snow also.  

The TV I use outside has HDMI and component but I am pretty sure the longest HDMI cables I have seen are 25' long and I don't think couplers are available (I have not double checked this yet).  In a pinch yesterday I could not find 3 40' long cables to use for component and that length might be stretching that also.

At one time I had a wireless video sender but my unit is old and doesn't work very well so I dismissed that idea.  I'm open to other ideas though.

BTW I have a Channel Plus RF modulator but it is located in the living room where my 4DTV (mover) is so stuff is all over and not in one good location.  

It was nice to be able to see the race yesterday.

Mike W

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you can get much longer hdmi cables..look at the better ones on monoprice.com , I use them and have been very happy.
Work gets in the way of play everyday.

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When I first bought my Elite, I found the connector you're looking for at Radio Shack. (Back when we had a real Radio Shack) I sent Rick the info for a commercial supplier and he said he might order some. If he did, he may have some in stock.
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