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When the introductory Sirius package runs out I'm dropping it. To replace it I was wondering if I could record music from the Linkbox onto an USB device and then play back on the cars stereo system? 

My son-in-law suggested using an old andriod smart phone but the Linkbox doesn't recognize it when it's attached.

It does recognize my Samsung external hard drive and appears to record but I couldn't figure out how to play back the recording.  I hooked the hard drive up to the PC and there's two .dvr files but when I try to play them all I get is a windows 'TV' screen.

Is what I want to do practical?



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Yes, that should be workable. I'm not familiar with Linkbox how ever as long as it can record to a USB stick then from there it's probably only a matter of using some audio conversion software to convert the files recorded by the Linkbox into a format that the car audio system can recognize.  This may be as simple as just renaming the files from the .dvr extension to a .mpeg or .mp2 extension.  Difficult to say exactly since I don't know the format Linkbox records it's file to.  The car audio with a USB input should probably support any of the audio codecs used in the satellite music channels be it mpeg2, AAC or what ever.
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