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I've decided to buy another receiver instead of a signal meter.
I had a manhatten dj-1997 with a signal meter tone that worked
fine for me. Lightning took it out with my last BCS-621 lnb.
I got a old micro geosatpro HD that works ok too. My motors on
my actuators have been long gone. I manually turn my big  dishes with
a pair of vise grips on the  end of the shaft were motor was at one time. I open a door or window turn volume all the way up on tv and listen for the tone then peak. I have made marks on actuator but
weather wears them off a lot. It works well for my satellite hobby.

Thanks, mudpitga


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What was wrong with the actuator motor(s)?
Time to find a new dish system.

Perfect 10 7.5' mesh Chapparal C/Ku Co-Rotor feed, Norsat 8115 CBAND, Norsat 4106A Ku Thomson Saginaw Actuator, Vbox positioner,
Home Brew Polarotor683 Servo circuit. Openbox S9, Prof7500, v4l-updatelee linux drivers installed.
ricardo's geo-orbit archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20071202191450/http://www.geo-orbit.org:80/sizepgs/tuningp2.html

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Originally Posted by majortom
What was wrong with the actuator motor(s)?
Time to find a new dish system.

It is a long story. When I got the 12 footer it had not moved from the spot in a very long time.
It had froze up at one spot on the actuator.  I took the motor off and sprayed PB blaster up
into it and worked it by hand till I got it freed up. It would always hang a little at the spot
when using my V-box which would throw the count off. Which drove me crazy. I would  go out
and take the motor off and spray it again and pump grease into it and would work again.
I just don't move the thing enough to keep it freed up and find it just as easy to turn by
hand when I want to move it.  Having to disconnect the wires on the back of V-box
every time  a lightning  storm rolls in is a real pain. More wires just complicate things when something
goes wrong. I don't mind walk out to the dishes.

The picture is my first dish find( perfect 10 footer) . It came with with a purpose made hand crank which has long been broke now. So I started with a hand crank. hand crank actuator.JPG 



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This unit is a combination receiver / signal meter / display, and it runs on a rechargeable battery:



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Yes that looks like a very nice unit but way more than I want to spend on a signal meter. I checked and the lastest Manhatten receiver no
longer has the signal tone like the 2 earlier versions. I losted the hdmi on both to close lightening strikes. Looks like I out of luck with
the current recievers for sale. It must be the chipset and software their using now. I will just save up my money and get a sathero sh-200
It seems to be the go to  dedicated signal meter.

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