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I am currently testing Speechlogger.


It did surprisingly well with a news broadcast on CCTV4 95 W. Two people were having a rapid discussion about US / Iranian issues. It seemed to operate in bursts. I am not sure if it was skipping sentences or paragraphs, but most of it made clear sense.

Next program was two physicians having an open forum with an audience of young doctors and med students. This also worked in paragraph long batches, and was also fairly clear. It had english subtitles when compared with the translation output, leads me to believe it was dropping sentences and paragraphs.

In contrast, I switched to the old Buddhist monk on Hwazan TV on 113 W. He speaks very slowly and you can see each word show up one character at a time on the console. Each sentence translates one at a time. Some make sense, many do not. I suspect this is because the subject matter is spiritual and philosophical

So far, I have had the best luck with Chinese. Saudi TV2, Polish radio, French and Spanish CCTV, and Viet shopping channel have not done well so far

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