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I'm using dvbdream with my dvb card and have the following setup.

dvb -> positioner -> zinwell 4x8 powered multiswitch (22khz off) -> dish_1
dvb -> positioner -> zinwell 4x8 powered multiswitch (22khz on) -> dish_2

Everything works fine with the positioner connected to dish_1 (22 khz off). However, I'm not able to control the positioner connected to dish_2 (should be 22 khz on for the switch). I have the satellite config in dvbdream set to 22 khz on and I can view the chans on dish_2, so the tv viewing part for dish_2 is working, but If I send any diseqc commands for controlling this positioner it doesn't work. If I connect directly from dvb -> positioner -> dish_2 then controlling the positioner works fine.

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Not every thing with F connectors will "play well" together.


Never throw it away--almost never!


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So, after https://rickcaylor.websitetoolbox.com/post/diseqc-commands-and-power-inserter-8432162?&trail=15
and https://rickcaylor.websitetoolbox.com/post/multiswitch-and-positioner-8443623?pid=1295106814
we have now come to the next chapter (it helps to read back the setup and history -- for me you could have stayed on the same topic without starting a new one, allbeit that the title wouldn't be accurate anymore...).

A problem like yours I have encountered while using a long cable, of somewhat dubious quality.
Do you have a pure copper center lead in your cable, or CCS (Copper cladded steel)? And how long is your cable to dish 2?

Furthermore I'm not sure why you need the 22kHz on the second multiswitch? But that might be because I'm not 100% familiar with American setups.

BTW Can you please report back at your earlier topic if your problem of temporary signal cutoffs for 1-2 seconds when receivers are switched on/off is now definately fixed? Allways nice to have reports back, of how things are or arenot solved. [smile]


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With good multiswitch going to Diseqc switch this is not a problem..Done it here.
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1.2 Ch Masters parked at 91,103.
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1.2 Ch Master with factory polar mount tracking from-12.5w-81w -Eastern Ku Dish.
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