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how good is this receiver Openbox V8 Super DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver...thank u for all your help

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Originally Posted by bus44
how good is this receiver Openbox V8 Super DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver...thank u for all your help

I have previously looked at the specs and it looks interesting, but none of the suppliers that I have relations with have it available.

Always scary trying to purchase any quantity from an unknown source, as once the funds are wired outside of the US, there is no getting it back.  That combined with not knowing the quality.  I am trying to build relationships with a couple of new suppliers in China and if all goes well, we may purchase some receivers from them.

Just got in some C/Ku LNBF's and am in the process of testing them out now.

Maybe someone else here in the forum has purchased one of these and will tell us what they think.  If it is just another China made unit that is shipped from China without having paid the Trademark and Licensing fees, then forget it.


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I bought one on fleabay for $58 several weeks ago. Out of the box the wall wart was bad, I emailed the seller and they sent me another wart. construction quality is not that great, reminds me of the x2 I bought that did not last. It is very solid and stable on the 16apsk feeds I have tuned up, and the editor works well. Otherwise, it's another cheap chinese receiver, most likely not properly licensed either, and I'm not expecting it to last forever.
With that said,as someone else mentioned here a while back, If you cant spare the money for a real good receiver, you probably need another hobby. It is what it is...

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What's your new hobby? 

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