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OpenAtv 5.3 unmodded 2016-12-28

Movies play fine under plugins media player.  No spinner.  If I pause movie and then play, the audio continues fine but picture stays frozen.  No spinners though.  Don't think I have EMC player.  Pushing Z button causes error and crashes.  Will do a software update.  Never tried flv file yet

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a few test samples were posted in openpli forum..
GStreamer 1.0 - Page 15 - [EN] Third-Party Development - Forums - Page 15

and 3 mkv container versions

most are about 5MB, except the divx5 which are 20MB.
Spinner are worse for the divx3 and the divx4_s files.

The Z button crash has been fixed in the newer images.

Pause/unpause is an entirely different kettle of fish...

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Originally Posted by dazulrich
Hi. Well in order to create new Azbox kernel, you need the source code for the Azbox driver. And those have never been shared / made public by the_ripper. He stated an NDA prevents him from sharing. A few ppl have tried back then and he continually refused. Without those sources, (and the tool chain) there is no kernel upgrade. Sorry. Not sure about including other third party drivers in the 3.9.2 kernel, I don't know.

Yes! this is really a frsutration... it should be great to have, by example, the dvbapi driver to recompile and add Extended CW support, and things like that.

Anyway, the MRUA libraries are fully available, and there is some documentation, but I were never able to "talk" with the demux directly using these libraries.. I tried to implement "extended CW" support at oscam changing the calls to DVBAPI to direct calls to MRUA libraries, but no way [frown]
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