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Hi voomvoom, I use 8 port l-band splitters from vincor, they are unity gain amplifiers intended to prevent signal loss:


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Originally Posted by Hunter
Thanks for the responses. 

* Using Tuner A only for now, haven't tried Tuner B yet
*The Switch is a 4 port switch with only 2 lines connected to, KU is on Input 1 and Cband is on Input 2.  This switch is currently in use for my HTPC and works fine.   The LNB's are connected to a 1X8 Vincor switch, then to the Diseq switch.  I have tried both the using the Diseq switch and directly connecting the LNB with no switch however, even when the Cband cable is plugged in directly the tuner is still deaf.  It scans so fast and reports 0 channels found immediately so that it appears as if no LNB is not connected at all.  I haven't even gotten to updating the image yet since the box doesn't work, so its still running version 5.3.  Thanks all for reviewing.  Hunter

I'm having a very hard time understanding what you have connected to what, and in addition, you talk about this Vincor "switch", but also describe it as a splitter.  Anyway, could you perhaps draw a line diagram showing the connections, and also clarify whether this 8 port Vincor thing is a switch or a splitter?  If it's a switch, I'd assume that it must be a 1.1 switch, and I'd assume that the 4 port switch must be a 1.0 switch.  If the Vincor thing is a splitter, and not a switch, it seems to me that that type of device, especially if it involves amplification would be to take one signal to multiple receivers, so I'm not sure what that is doing in this situation where you're trying to determine if the Octagon is working.
   You say that you have tried with and without the switch, but didn't say whether the 8 port device is still in the path.  You also never mentioned how polarity is being selected, ie ortho system or polarotor, etc? Ie, if ortho, you'd need more than 2 coaxes, and if polarotor, what's controlling that? Also, probably just a typo, but in the original manual scan listing above, the SR is not mentioned.

Anyway, I am really curious relative to your setup.  I suspect that you have both 1.1 and 1.0 switches in the setup, but are only addressing one, or it's possible that there is a multi-switch (or whatever it's called) there, or that you aren't setting the polarity.  I really think we need a more descriptive diagram of what is connected to what.  And I think you need to simplify the system with your C-band LNB connected directly to the Octagon as a starting point.


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Here is the spec sheet for the Amplified Splitter he referenced:  

Please e-mail me if need to make contact @ rickcaylor@aol.com.
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OK....   If the vincor thing is a splitter, I really am having a hard time seeing how that is being used.
The way I see this splitter's intended use is one LNB going into the input, and multiple receivers being connected to the 8 output ports.
Above it says that  "The LNB's are connected to a 1X8 Vincor switch, then to the Diseq switch ", which seems to imply that 2 LNBs are connected, apparently to 2 of the ports intended to connect to receivers, and that one of the diseqC switch's ports is connected to the port that was intended to connect to an LNB.  It isn't even clear which port (ie output or one of the 4 inputs) is connected to the Vincor.
    The way it sounds like this vincor is connected would seem to mix the C and Ku, which would likely wipe out most if not all of the signals on both, and  the diodes in the Vincor would likely stop the LNBs from receiving DC power.
   If it's not connected like it sounds, then I don't understand how there can be 2 LNBs connected.

Anyway, I'd really like to see a connection diagram, and also some indication of what kind of 4 port switch is involved. And also how polarity is switched, and I wonder if the Vincor was inline when the experiment bypassing the switch was done.  I really think we need more info.

On another topic, I played around with the bottom "B" input on the Octagon, and it seems to be completely dead. Nothing comes out when configured as a loop thru, and no voltage comes out when configured as a "B" input, ie I tried to set it up to connect to an LNB, with a meter attached, and it doesn't provide any DC when I go into the signal search window.  I may be doing something wrong, but with 6.1 firmware, I'm not sure what the bottom port can do.  
    The top port seems to work great. 


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His situation is confusing for sure but he also indicates that this same setup was working fine when connected to an HTPC.

I would completely isolate the system if possible by running direct from lnb to receiver to verify what is and what isn't working and start adding components from there.

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I guess I interpreted that statement to mean that the switch was being used successfully in the other system, not the whole setup, but on the other hand I didn't understand how it could be in both systems. We still don't know what kind of switch it is.
  I agree that he should connect lnb directly to receiver as a starting point.

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Thanks all! When I changed the Tuner to DiseqC 1.0 as Voomvoom suggested the unit locked signals immediately.  Its a great box! Hunter
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