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I've been having trouble with my 9500 for a couple weeks now. First it only had I think it was vertical skew. So I replaced the servo motor, and fixed that.. Now after getting it all back together I see no signal at all. I replaced the lnb, double checked the servo, tried a different diseqc port, nothing helped.

Finally I took the cable coming from the dish and hooked it up to my openbox, and it works great, of course no skew now though.

I have to admit I left the reciever turned on while I replaced the servo, but I wasn't worried about a short as only one wire was uncovered at a time. I don't see how that could have been anything, but maybe.

I'll have to peek inside to see what I can see, but it is going to be tough to find anything if its in the tuner circuit. Has anyone else had this problem ??

Thanks Mike

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is the 9500 putting out DC voltage on the coax to provide power for the LNB?
Did ya measure it? Look like solid DC, without any AC Ripple riding it?
Typically should be 13V Vert, 18 V Horiz to allow LNBFs to switch their polarization.

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It's late now, I'll check it in the morning. Thanks majortom.

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I finally got around to checking out the pansat.

It does have a steady 12/17 volts on the coax going to the lnb's. I looked at it with the o-scope, and it is rock steady. I know it should be one volt higher, but I checked the input voltage to the main board, it is supposed to be 24 volts, and is showing 22 volts. I should still get a signal at 12/17 though, I would think.

Also tried reloading the firmware, it loaded as you would expect, but did not help at all.

I don't know what else to check, anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks Mike

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Well I been deep into the garden, but it is time to move onto other things now.

I am still working on the no signal problem.
I swapped back to the newest lnb, because the old one  wasn't helping, the connector inside was rusty looking. Now after a blind scan I got radio channels on amc7,  but nothing else.
After poking around some sats I knew would have strong signals, I realised the polarity was wrong.

Took a while to figure out how I managed that one, but I did. Now I have to change the servo by 45 degrees to get it back to where it should be.

I still can't get a signal at all on the vertical side. So now I realise 13 volts is not making the lnb happy, which means changing the servo probably wasn't needed in the first place. So I can put the old  chapperal servo back on the since it fits better anyway. Then I will be back to where I started sighhhh....

So now I have to decide do I unhook the transistor from the circuit board so it will be 18 volts on both sides, or do I switch out the cortator for the bsc621-2d that I bought and never used.
I have the slab of plastic that I can slide in there to give me circular. I would have circular, and linear that way right??

The only problem there is amc1, and slight tuning changes that I have used on a few sats. If I change to the bsc621-2d, and add a dish network lnbf on the side of the scalar ring, I should have a full range of options for tunning in stuff. I have seen some of the pics posted here of the scalars that have been conjoined to use two feed horns, but that is a bit much for a single dish I think.

I want to get this thing tuned up before the weather gets bad again so I could use some opinions on how to go. is there anyway to rotate the bsc621-2d so amc1 is not a problem? I can't imagine what I could use as a bearing that would let it rotate easily enough for a servo to move it.

Thanks for reading

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Ksmike;  I have a 9500, but I use my 922 to move the dish and change skew[move between ch 1and 2].  I use a seperate sat[k-1] for the off skew of the nbc ch's.  Sound like your skew settings somehow got off when you changed out the polorotor motor?  Someone with a lnbf should chim in with their take on how to do the adjustments.  Jess out in California   
9ft.button hook mesh HtoH mount; 4dtv922 C/KU feed horn w/ slaved AZ prem, looped pan 9500, and a Manhattan at the end.. Got a philips suround sound in there and SONY BRAVIA TV

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Turns out the original servo WAS bad after all, I took the whole corotator off, and tested it. Also the vertical side voltage was not enough to make the lnb work, so in the end I took the q20 transister loose and fixed that.

Before I pulled the transistor.
I tried to use that bsc621-2d, but I just couldn't figure out how to make it work right. Replacing the corotator with the bsc, and twisting it to peak signal using a sathero, got me amazing results on some channels, but nothing else on that sat. I don't know what is going on there. To get ku I had the bsc hanging down inside the scalar as far as it would go, and twisted up to one corner of the dish. All this after making sure the scalar was properly centered, square with the dish, and set to the proper focal length. A few hours of messing with that was enough.

So I am back to the original corotator, with weak ku, that does work, and good but not fantastic cband. I will have to spend today peaking the dish with the sathero, I am not getting sats east of amc6, I think my declination may be off, we'll see.


Ok so the declination was off, way off in fact. I got started late, but it didn't take long to peak it up with the sathero. I went as far down as 43 degrees scanning sats, and I think I am getting all the channels I can get with linear lnb's. It's to bad I don't have circular, but I don't know how I could get that at this point.
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