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Had been getting more and more error on system - reboot messages lately using the firmware Rick installed in my box several (4?) years ago, so decided to load new file.  I chose a file from a Czech server, downloaded it and renamed it to  It installed easily, and now I have a bin with a few more options including limited blind scanning (you have to specify a few parameters like SR and range, such as 11.7 to 12.2).  After scanning some sats (the frequencies I had before were still available), I have a receiver with no error messages so far!  One question for Ultra users -- anyone using one of the Enigma firm. releases, and are you pleased with it?Thanks, Doug.
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Fellow Members, your posts are welcome here! Do not worry about posting everything perfect. Different receivers and LNB's will give you different Frequencies and Symbol Rates. Some set top boxes, PCI cards and USB receivers, Do Not Require all of the same information that others may need. It is not Required to post everything that others may need to tune in a feed. It is just most important to share the find. We can always adjust the Frequency and Symbol Rates and try the various Modulations and FEC's on our own receivers until we get a lock and then give a polite reply with what works for your receiver, as that information might help others as well. We all appreciate the efforts and energy of the Posters!

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