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Question about my Linkbox 9000i, and factory reset after neighbor reinforced my roof and dish.

I know after the factory reset you have to

1. select the satellites that is true south.
2. Go to USALS enter in the Longitude and Latitude.
3. Then Limit set up.
4. Then click on Go to Reference.

Is this correct, and l do I have to keep Limit set up Disabled Limited, West Limit or East Limit?

Below I have a picture of what he did in the attic.

Any advise or help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Julie - The Satellite Dish Princess.

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IM pretty sure what you outlined is correct, however i currently cant check as im waiting on a diagnosis/repair/replacement of my 9000I local. As far as the limit goes I never use that setting as for KU i never get close to the extreme with my H-H motor and i have hardware limits set on my c-band actuator arm. 
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