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Originally Posted by rempfer

Are these four NBC MUXes still around?  The four SD channels that had MSNBC in SD as one of them?

Yes, Premier League on feed 1
Motocross feed on feed 4
PQ is terrible

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Definitely still there, at 12135 just like it always is:


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Originally Posted by drdude
Definitely still there, at 12135 just like it always is:
Drdude, please remind me of the formula to find the actual signal for 12135 from your graph.

I have found the four NBC MUX CH's with my Prodelin 3.7 meter, just need reminder of how to read the graphic.

Thanks everyone.


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It's exactly like reading your spectrum analyzer. It's frequency (in L-band) across the bottom (x-axis) and rf power (y-axis).

In that screenshot, I put the cursor (yellow crosshair) over the signal you were talking about - the "NBC Sat-ops" mux, with the SD network return feeds of whatever they need there at the moment, and sometimes teleprompters too - you can see the cursor readout in the top right corner.

Lband = 1385.651Mhz
Kuband = 12135.651 Mhz
Power = -57.325dB

I do everything internally in l-band now - I made the cursor read simultaneously in L, C and Ku band so I don't need to continually convert frequencies between the 3. I know what's connected to the spectrum analyzer at the moment (Ku or C), so I just read the correct value (c or ku) to convey those numbers to other people, or just use l-band directly myself (saves me continually flipping the LNB type in crazyscan).

The white trace is a "reference" trace (captured at night, when only the "usual" traffic is on each sat), the blue trace is "live" - makes finding feeds, or new signals, stand out like a sore thumb! Yes, it's custom software - no one else has it yet!

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For comparison, here's a "live" shot. You can see there are 3 news feeds up - cursor is on the lowest one at 12031. You can see the one at 12145 is VERY weak. The first blue one above the usual signals. It's about 5dB above the noise floor on a 1.2M. Need a BIG dish to lock that! Like 3.7M should do the trick! (It'll probably be gone before you get there though - check on your SA before you go nuts trying to lock it)

In the couple of minutes it took me to take the screenshot and log back in here to type the message, things changed, now it looks like this:

You gots to be fast!

You can see it's hot here today! Signal levels are down a little. LNBs put out a little less power when they're hot. The reference trace (which I happened to update last night, when it was quite cool) is above the "live" trace all the way across, even the noise floor is lower where there's no signals.


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this nbc 4 channel mux is on
11910 4600 h
tx135 136 137 138

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