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So Iowa has the truck and xfinity races this weekend from Iowa and unscrambled tonight and California has the Sunday race..Is that right? I thought all the races were the same place each weekend. I guess not

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No, not all of the time.  Kinda nice when they are far enough away from each other, so the Cup Guys can't take all of the Purse Money for the show from the Truck and Xfinity guys.

One of the Fox announcers started calling Kyle Busch the Candy Man, because he would win all of the Truck races he was in and said he was stealing the candy from the kids.

Some of the guys in the trucks are really young.  In Kyle's defense, if you can beat him, then your beating one of the best.

The schedule has this type of racing in different places a few times each season.

ARCA is racing right now as well in WI.  But I have not found a feed.  Recent feeds have been on Ku.  It's Live on MAV TV and also streaming at http://www.lucasoilracing.tv.


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thanks for the info. I didn't see a ARCA feed myself
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