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20190916_010218.jpg  20190916_010327.jpg  20190916_122025sm.jpg  20190916_203027.jpg 

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It tracks from 58W (8.5 degrees elevation here) to 135W. I'm out of the footprint of the Ku beam on 58W, so while I can see the signals there on the spectrum analyzer, they're not particularly useful. If there was anything west of 135W, I still have 1/10th of the actuator travel on the west side left - just no satellites out there.

Here's a video of it going from AMC4 (135W) to Amazonas 2/3/5 (61W) and back:

Honestly this was the easiest dish I've ever aligned. Definitely makes a huge difference when it's a rigid commercial dish, and not the flimsy consumer crap. I set the angles with a digital protractor, and after I think I adjusted the declination nuts maybe 1/6 of a turn (about one face on the hex nuts) to maximize the signals. 

A huge thank you to superhero55 for posting the pictures and the manual of the official Prodelin polar mount, plus the requested measurements. The simplicity of the design really inspired me to get this together. It took 4 weekends total, including picking up welding supplies, steel, and spending some time cleaning off the project table to get the welder setup, and running my first practice welds!

Definitely a project I've had planned for years in my head - finally it's a reality. It's really nice to have a steerable Ku dish again after moving 4.5 years ago, and nice to have one of the 1.8's I've collected since then actually doing something useful, instead of leaning against the fence collecting rain water. Yes, I could've put the 1M back on the diseqc motor, but wow, the 1.8, and an actuator is so much better!

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Indeed these are some very nice and high quality sat dishes. I so far have only "been blessed" to have just the single 1.8 meter glass dish. On my dish I have the three motor drive system. I was going to post a video of me tracking those space alien ships over head but thought all contact with space aliens and us humans was to be kept very quite and low key in nature. You can find and lock a lot of sat video signals with these 1.8 meter dishes. Everyone should try and get one for their dish farm, soon! Those are nice pictures of a hobby well done.

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