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Hi Folks,
I'm from Seatac, Washington, just a minute away from East of Seatac Airport. : - )))
First of, NO DEADLINE, it's been 2 years, now but NO DEADLINE, and hopefully IF I can find someone for next spring of 2018 to help. 
We didn't know what would happen, we were in  a rush to setup for a Lottery director
MUSL in Iowa who came out to see my setup. Which he doesn't know anything about
how the BUDs   works.  : - ))))  Whoooo!!!!  Glad he didn't know anything about
the BUD installation. : - )))) 
It was on July 24, 2015, on a Friday early morning.
But my nephews were in a hurry to install the BUD II, by NOT taking more time
and NOT taking seriously about what SHOULD BE done in a way of doing
the installation, few days before July 24th. SADLY.
The purpose of having BUD II is to be a EMERGENCY BACK UP for
BUD 1.  What IF something happens to BUD 1 right in the last minute
before the Lottery drawing, then I would have BUD II that would be
already set to go, for me to record the Lotto drawings for MUSL and
Georgia Lottery and upload the videos onto their YouTube channel.
But BUD II is NOT and still NOT ready yet, for 2 years, now!!!
I haven't even got the wiring hook up to it, yet. I hold back on it.
I need help on BUD II if anyone could, and there's NO DEADLINE on getting this
BUD project done. But to know the answers, at least for now.

The way it looks is that the AJAX H-180 gear motor is too closet, way too closest behind
the BUD!!!!  And we didn't realize that the pivot point on the top of the AJAX H-180 gear
motor is too short. 
We built a ring mount by coping from the KTI-H-180 mount, a spare one, so we had
a welder copied it for us. ( cost me $500!!! I do not want to use the spare one )  
But what we didn't know is that when put together the BUD 2, the AJAX H-180- gear
motor and the back of the BUD 2 are too clost together. And my guys, my nephews
had to cut half of the cover of the AJAX H-180 gear motor, just to fit with the dish.  
Too closest.  And we didn't know that we would have to have a longer declination bolt, underneath the gear motor.   
With this setup, IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK to try to move the dish with the H-to-H mount, because both the dish and the gear motor are too closest up against each other. 
So, I'm thinking that I need to expand ( if that what you call it ) by getting an extra
metal piece that attaches the short pivot point on AJAX H-180 gear motor, and 
a longer declination bolt, both would have to be the same length in order to spearate
the two parts from being too closest. 
And to replace a full cover for that AJAX H-180 
gear motor.  With this re-arrangement I would probably need about at least 3 or 4
guys to do all this. Some on the ground to hold the dish, the others would be on
the ladder to re-arrange the back of the BUD.   And I would need to know how
thick and width of a pivot point piece that goes onto the shorter pivot point
on the gear motor to the copied ring mount.  
I'm posting 9 photos for you to have a closer look at the BUD II
"improper installation" from my theory.
TERRBLE, TERRIBLE way that these 2 nephews did in a hurry,
just a few days before the Lottery director came to visit.
I need a new team that knows what they're doing and what
I would want to have it done.
What do you think???  Hope you understand it all.
Let me know if you want me to send you photos from July, 2015.
When my nephews installed BUD II "Improperly".
In the meantime, see 9 photos of my BUD II from my iPad.
You cannot do a "Short cut" installation. 
Seatac, Washington 

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