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This was sent to Luke stations.

February 25, 2015

RE: Programming Changes

Dear Valued Affiliate:

Luken Communications will be making scheduling changes in the coming months that will affect The Family Channel, PBJ, and Retro TV networks. (These changes will not affect TUFF TV, The Heartland Network, Rev'n or Frost Great Outdoors.) These networks will consolidate their East and West satellite feeds into single national feeds. This consolidation will ultimately allow the national feeds to broadcast at a higher bit rate thus resulting in better picture quality. Additionally, the consolidated national feeds will have new schedule formats that will provide viewers with more access to their favorite programs.

The new national feeds will feature repeating blocks of programming during select dayparts. Although the repeating blocks will feature the same program lineup, the episodes for the repeat run will be a different rotation from the first run. Tentative schedules illustrating the repeating blocks for each network can be downloaded.

These schedule changes will provide many positive benefits, including:
• Simplified, consistent and accurate programming information provided to the guide services.
• Times listed on websites and social media posts will be easier for our audience to understand.
• Affiliates will have more flexibility in providing viewers with local programming without sacrificing their access to Luken's more popular content.
• Each network will have reduced paid programming thereby providing additional local inventory.
• Network provided E/I programming will be aired within required timeframe coast-to-coast.
The new national schedules for The Family Channel, PBJ and Retro TV will take effect on the following dates:

The Family Channel - Beginning of 2nd Quarter - March 30, 2015
PBJ - Beginning of 2nd Quarter - March 30, 2015
Retro TV - Beginning of 3rd Quarter - June 29, 2015

At 12 AM Eastern on the dates set forth above, the existing East and West feeds will begin broadcasting the new national schedule. If you are receiving a West feed, you will need to change your satellite channel to the East/National feed within two weeks of the schedule change. After that point the West feeds will be discontinued and the reclaimed bandwidth will be reallocated to the National feeds.

The satellite channels for the East/National feeds are as follows:

The Family Channel - virtual channel 3
PBJ - virtual channel 4
Retro TV - virtual channel 1

Please note: these channel changes will not affect existing custom feeds. Our Director of Programming, Terri Coyle, will contact each affiliate receiving a custom feed to coordinate any programming changes and network enhancements.

Luken Communications is committed to making this transition as seamless and easy as possible for you, our valued affiliate partner, and our viewers.

Warmest Regards,


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Can you please tell me what satellite this is for?

Thank you for your time on this matter.


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SES 2 channels at 4000 H

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Thank you.

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The west coast feeds of both Family and PBJ have disappeared, for the past couple of weeks they were mirrors of the east coast feeds. Now Family has a card up saying change your receiver to virtual Channle 3 and PBJ has one saying chaneg your receiver to virtual channel 4

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Luken has changed things, got rid of the west feeds of PBJ, Family and Retro altough the individual station feeds for retro are still around and there is at least one each for each time zone. Did a AZbox scan this morning and this is what I got and what is currently on each channel, at one point there was a channel that was PBJ sometime and Tuff TV at others do NOT know what one that is. You can post that one if you know what it is or any other variations. They also had a KU Band feed on T5 that had extra airings of Doctor Who late at night that may have also changed. The individual statoon feeds may have some variations from the normal schedule. They could also devote some bandwidth from the saved feeds to the other ones, do not know if that would change things if they did,

This is what is W3 87 4000 29125 H DVB S2 8psk 5/6 pilot=0

SID / what it says / what it is (scanned with an AZbox)

1 RTVE Retro e
2 TUFE Tuff TV e
3 FTVE Family
5 TNNE Heartland east
7 RTVW Retro e
8 TUFW Tuff TV w
9 FCCN Cutlery Corner shopping
11 Freg 4000 SID 11 Heartland e
12 WSET Retro e
13 RTVN Retro e
14 Freq 4000 SID 14 Heartland w
15 WNWO Retro e
17 WHTM Retro e
19 WFMZ Retro e
20 KATV Retro Central
21 WLLA Retro e
22 WBNA Retro e
23 WPSN Heartland e
24 WPXS Retro Central
25 Freq 4000 Sid 25 Rev'n
26 WAOH Retro e
27 WWRD Heartland e
28 WGMU Retro e
32 KRXT Retro WEST
33 XJTV Jewelry TV shopping
34 Freq 4000 Sid 34 3 lines of CGI text

Posts: 39,014
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Thanks for the update. How did you get your azbox to scan them in? I thought the azbox could not do that with this mux? Mine can not. Signal comes and goes on the azbox but plays fine on other receivers.


Posts: 988
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The orginal AZprem hd[no blind scan] plays fine.  Just enter the info and scan.  It is the AZ prem plus that had the problem.  Might ask what f/w he is running.  I have been using the CA f/w version in my AZ for some time. I have an orginal, Jess out in California
9ft.button hook mesh HtoH mount; 4dtv922 C/KU feed horn w/ slaved AZ prem, looped pan 9500, and a Manhattan at the end.. Got a philips suround sound in there and SONY BRAVIA TV

Posts: 207
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I have one of the original Az Boxs dont recall the firmware I have. I had to send the box back to Rick for a power supply problmes and he sent it back with new firmare but it did not want to find any of the channle sI wathc so I reverted to the one I had.

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The Luken mux is being simulcast on SES 1 at:
4000 V 29125
DVB-S2 8psk
5/6 FEC
Pilot Off

The signal is weaker than on SES 2.

It's too early for solar outage time, so I'm not sure why it's up on SES 1.

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So that's what thru me a curve when programming/linning up my 7.5 Footer yesterday! Thought was getting wrong sat when Mux scanned in.......Makes sense now!
Thanks for heads up!

TRAXIS 6100HD,MicroHD Pro,2-X2 M1 HD+,OpenBox s9,Skybox F3s,2 Skybox F4's,Nexus-S & TwinHan 1030,Neusat SP6000,CNX Nano 2,Nfusion solaris,Pansat 2500a's,Coship TRX-1800,TRX-80,TRX-1520 UHF,TRX-1800.ORB 5000,TRX-1420,Dishes-1 11 ft Radyx,4-10 FT Mesh,1-10.5 Ft FG,1-8.5 FG,Mesh,1-10.5 FG,4 Ft CM Ku,6 Charter Dual Linear LNB 1 Meter,2 1.0 Meter PS,2-Superdishes.

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This scans in here without quality. Quality is "0" [frown]

EDIT: I manually added the transponder on the Azbox Me and then the quality on the Amiko 3 popped in. The A3 scanned in channels, while the Azbox Me didn't. Quality on the A3 boucing between 44 and 61. The video and audio are stable.

Amiko-A3, AZBox Me, MicroHD, and TBS6903. DG-380 Motor (43.1°W to 127.0°W), on 1.2M Geosat Pro.  3ABN Dish @30.0°W. 2nd 1.2M looking @103.0°W. 12FT Paraclipse Dish looking from 37.5°W to 111.1°W.

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Azbox Me finally scanned in the channels, but the audio and video are breaking up, but watchable. The quality on the Azbox Me is 49%.
Amiko-A3, AZBox Me, MicroHD, and TBS6903. DG-380 Motor (43.1°W to 127.0°W), on 1.2M Geosat Pro.  3ABN Dish @30.0°W. 2nd 1.2M looking @103.0°W. 12FT Paraclipse Dish looking from 37.5°W to 111.1°W.

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Originally Posted by photoman76

It's too early for solar outage time, so I'm not sure why it's up on SES 1.

It's probably relocating to SES-1 to free up a transpnoder on SES-2 for an upcoming new mega user who is going to be using 12 of the 24 transponders.


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Maybe they just got a better deal cost wise?
Or maybe, after having a west feed and east feed, they're trying to have on feed that's more centrally located?
Just guessing.

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