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Did the EROM update and now all the settings are saved when turning off the receiver.  Followed the directions below for the 8000 Series.  A few things were a little different and noted them in bold.  I used a USB to Serial converter and a Null modem cable attached to it.  Took around 30 minutes so be patient.  Using the USB to Serial converter definitely slows down the process so if your using just a NULL modem cable it should be much faster.


1. Download the ERom Upgrade zipped file for 9000i (works for Local) from download section of the http://www.linkboxusa.com. Copy and paste the file to your PC.

2. Download the latest version of the unit model from the download section and unzip the abs file.  Latest unzipped   9000i local_02SEPT15_V107.abs

3. Unzip (or Extract) the ERom upgrade zipped file (all file should be applied) completely. About 51 unzipped files will be displayed. All these sub files need to be deployed to successfully upgrade the unit.


4. Click and open the ERomUpgrade.exe extracted file. The ERom Upgrade window will open.


5. Connect the RS 232 Null modem data cable between your PC and the unit.


6. Connect the unit's AC power plug. Turn the main reset switch to the OFF position.  


7. Set the right comport (1-4), bit rate 115,200, polarity Even or Odd, operating mode Upgrade(some cases need Data Dump), and then browse for the unit update file(.abs file from step 2) and open it. In some cases, you will need to include the Bootloader. Click "NEXT"  Use Upgrade only.


8.If the screen message shows "Please reset target", turn your unit’s main power on (or Off and On). 


9. The screen will show Done immediately if all setup right, and then after 10-15 seconds, it will start loading. Please wait until it reaches 100% .  Note: My display on the 9000i Local stayed blank but started downloading slowly.


***** If the fail message is shown, check your com port setting , select another one and try again.


10. Click "NEXT" to begin Burning, and wait until it is 100% done. Click "Finished".


11. Wait 10-20 seconds until the unit completes the rebooting and displays "noCH" or "CH number" on front panel.  Showed noCH when finished.


Icecrypt 1600 CHD SE, Icecrypt 3750 CHD, Linkbox 9000i Local, Wetek Play, SYNOQ SR1, 2 AZBOX ME's, AZBOX Premium Plus & Elite HD, Manhattan RS1933, Openbox S10, Vantage HD1100S, Prof 7500, Pansat 9200HD w/S2+board, 2 Quali-TV's, Sonicview 8000HD, Toshiba TRX 2220, Motorola DSR905, 10ft Winegard, 90cm Ariza, etc.......
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