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what open box receivers are no clones? Do they have different Numbers?

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We handled the Openbox S9 and S10's.  We had issues with the Quality of the S10 units having bad thermosistor's and it would blow when trying to run a motor and had to replace the part in about 100 of them and the company in China would not offer any help with the costs of the repairs.  I gave up on them after that.  They came in through US Customs.  So at that time, at least they had the proper documentation.

I am not sure of what other models they have had since then besides the V8 models which when I checked them, they were not licensed for doing Dolby, USB, HDMI and were not UL Listed.  One reason why they are sold for so cheap.

China is able to sell them through places like ebay or amazon and they do not go through US Customs or they would be confiscated.  If I were to order 10 cases, then they would go through US Customs and I would never see them or get my money back.

So not sure if this is answering your question, as a lot of these cheap units are not clones, they are just not legally licensed for sell in the US.  The Chinese companies steal the technology and build them and then sell them.  

Some companies in China are very good at Stealing Technology and also taking a legally manufactured piece of equipment and making it look like the original and then use cheaper parts and sell them like the real thing.

You don't have to buy from me, but in my opinion, best to try and buy from a source that you know something about that at least tries to work with our US rules and laws.




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Rick is right. He has several low cost receivers that will do almost anything you want....and you will have super support from him and this board. 
Tell us what you want to receive and do with the receiver...then let Rick and us give you suggestions. If you like our suggestions...I promise you won't go wrong ordering from rick! You won't have to go from message board to web site etc to find out how it works or to get files and support.

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