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I've had some issues recently with circular bird 40W. I use a Chaparral feedhorn and a Norsat LNB and a dielectric plate, and I get a very decent signal and am able to lock most of the channels.  However every couple of days whenever I turn off my receiver for the night (its happened with my coolsat, openbox and X2 receiver, so I know the issue is not receiver related) and the next day I turn it on, I realize that I have no signal whatsoever, despite the fact that I didnt move the dish, nor were there any weather issues.

After checking cables and testing 3 different receivers with the same result I realized that if I removed the dielectric plate and put it back into the feedhorn I would immediately get the signal back, now this issue never happened with the previous LNB I had, an old echostar, I would turn it off and on and would never lose signal. Now I know the problem is not the feehorn because its the same one I used with the Echostar LNB and this never happened before, so the culprit is most likely the LNB im using.

Has anyone ever come across an issue like this? any suggestions as to what might be causing this? I really dont want to change the Norsat LNB because it is so much better than the previous LNB I had but I also dont like going up to the roof every time I turn the receiver on to get my signal back.

ps. I also noticed that whenever I have the dielectric plate in the feedhorn and the new Norsat LNB Im only able to tune the circular birds, no signal whatsoever with the linear birds. This was not a problem when I used the Echostar LNB which would allow me to get some channels at 43W, 45W, 55W and 58w even with the d plate and some polarity skew changes.

Scanning C Band 135º-78º on 10ft'er
& C Band 61º-40º on 7ft'er
from Central Mexico
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