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I've got a fixed dish on 103w for NBC feeds and for some reason I'm getting ZILCH / Nada today!

Have not had my AZ box on for a while, so I tried to reboot the receiver and still nothing.
Doing a bind scan and still not seeing anything.

I might have lost an LNBA or something.
And I'm assuming that NBC is still there ?

Anyone else having problems with this bird or is it my gear?


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Problem is on your end.  Watching Hockey on 103W right now and business as usual.


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WOrking fine here...SES 3 KU NBC east,west etc. 

Hope it is something simple!

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WHOOOO Boy, I just walked out and looked inside the LNBF, the plastic lense if broken out and there is a BIG BLACK carpenter bee down in the feed horn.   I stuck my finger in there before thinking that something may be in there and I heard it BUZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.  Dang I could have gotten a nice sting off that one, but I got lucky.  Now to get it out!

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Holy Cr***p there were TWO of them in there !!!
They busted out the plastic covering and they were having a party inside that thing.  They were both stuck down in there behind the sensing element.
I pulled out the first one thinking I got him out and low and behold there was a second inside, he came out head first and managed to fly straight out.

TV is working fine now!  Unbelievable.  Spring is here!
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Lucky indeed. Time for a new lense cap
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At least, I don't THINK that carpenter bees sting or bite, unless they think you're made out of wood.  Those darn things were making the wood soffit around my house look like Swiss cheese.  I used to go out and challenge them with a racketball racket yelling "get away from my house".  They would fly right up about 3' from my face, darting back and forth, buzzing at me.  Then, with a quick snap of the wrist, I'd whapp them out of the air with the racket.  It didn't help, because shortly after that, another carpenter bee would take over the partly completed hole.  I must have killed many dozens of the darn things, but not as many as were killed by other carpenter bees. Seems like instead of building their own nests, those things would try to take over another bee's nest, and fight to the death over the nest.  I'd look up, and see the bees fighting, and then a couple bees would drop to the ground below the nest.  Anyway, for me, it was a loosing fight.  I finally gave up and replaced the wood soffit with metal soffit.  But I wouldn't be surprised if you'd find another pair of bees try to take over your LNBF if they've been watching.  But even though I killed a lot of them with the racket, I often missed them and angered them, but they never tried to bite me.  On the other hand, they kind of look like those bald faced hornets, which DO sting, so I wouldn't have had the courage to go in and grab one with tweezers like you did, although this time of year, it's usually only the queen starting a nest to lay eggs in, and they are less aggressive.
    But it's weird that carpenter bees would nest in something made out of plastic and metal.  I thought they only nested in wood structures.  Are you going to try to clean out the inside of the feedhorn, or since it's working just leave it alone?


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Of course some insects like sweets so you may find new invaders after the cover up is installed.


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Originally Posted by wejones
At least, I don't THINK that carpenter bees sting or bite

Like honeybees, the male bee can't sting. Carpenters males kind of act aggressive like you described. The females can sting you but it isn't very common.
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