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Has anyone successfully locked any signals on the C-band side of this new bird, specifically anything on the global beam?

If yes, then what size dish, and what make/model of feedhorn?

(It is using circular polarity.)

The only info I could find on the global beam is that the typical e.i.r.p. ranges from 33.5 to 37.1 dB/K,
which implies that you need a rather large dish and you can't afford to give away 3dB by using a dielectric plate in a linear feedhorn.


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AFN mux at 4127L/3680 and the MTN one at 4134R/30000 have good signals here.  Same old 10' SAMI with one slightly damaged panel and ADL RP3-CPOR1 feed as discussed in the 8w thread.  I'm about halfway between Raleigh and the VA border.

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4127 L 3679 has 3 feeds for afn. 2 of them scrambled. There is a mux on vertical posted at lyngsat that some get but its powervu scrambled as well. Complete mux. I can not get that one.
Dish is 10 feet. Not sure on lnb but its a cband lnbf. 5.8 deg above horizon for me. Furthest east sat i get.

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Thanks guys!

One of these days I will get one of those awesome ADL circular feeds and mount it on one of the 10' dishes I have,
and set it to track the eastern arc for the AOR satellites.

Interesting that there is a vertical mux - I would guess that would be on a spotbeam?

The spotbeams have much higher power than the global beam (no surprise) 43.0 to 51.7 dB/K (51.7 is really strong for C-band)
but I guess you are too far out of the spotbeam footprint in NM.

BTW, here is where I got the info (pdf file):


UPDATE: Just checked again, and both transponders listed on Lyngsat are listed as circular: one Left and one Right; is that incorrect?

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That's right. Vertical is right.only left/right on this sat. Same with 40.5 and 47.5. 37.5 is regular. I only get two transpondrs at 37.5

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I am useing a 12ft orbitron on that satellite and my sigh level =96% and my quality level = 70% and my cband is not peak to the max as yet and I have dark cloud with rain outside...
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