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i need a guy to service my mpeg and asc I recievers  I need an installer.......any out here.....live in boston....I do not want to junk my system,,,,,unfortunately I can't find anybody...this stinks,,,,even if he is a commercial satellite guy   HELP HELP HELP...

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greek, once again, get used to doing things yourself. You will never find anyone willing to
come to your house at your beck & call to tune up your system every time you have a problem ...

You will find the below website archive useful for understanding the principles of how it should be done.
Read it, read it again, put to practice...and then read it again and yet again, again put to practice. read some more.


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ricardo's geo-orbit archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20071202191450/http://www.geo-orbit.org:80/sizepgs/tuningp2.html

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Agreed wholeheartedly.  If you have a C-band system or even a KU only system you've pretty much got to do it yourself.  Your average DirecTv and Dishnet installer has never seen a C-band dish or a larger KU dish for that matter.

I had KU only for years and successfully installed a 10' C-band dish myself this summer.  If I can do it then anyone can do it.  I used this guide here.  A little more modern and better pictures that bring you through it.  Since your dish is already set up apparently just skip to the alignment section.


To save yourself frustration you need a good satellite meter and that would be the one recommendation that I have.  I'm sure Rick sells them here.  It would be very hard without a good meter. 

If your stubborn and refuse to learn how to do it about the only other idea I would have is to call one of your local TV stations and ask to speak to the chief engineer.  It 'might' be possible that he may know something about it and want to earn a few $$ or he could tell you who they use to maintain their big dishes.  If you can even talk a commercial dish installer to come to your house it's going to cost you an arm and a leg though.

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i have a asc 1 positioner and a manhattan reciever problem is the asc manual is 100000 pages and the manhattan reciever has 4 pages  either too long or not enough,the old days the sierra 3 reciever had the perfect manual,,,it is about the manuals...chinese dont care..when it was usa the manuals were just right  what a shame..i am hooked up ready to go but the asc 1 and manhattan are not jiving../.

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Have you contacted the vendors you purchased the Manhattan and ASC1 from? You might try calling or emailing them to explain your problems and see if they can help.

I don't have an ASC1 but I've seen many user questions about its setup, programming, and use answered on different forums by Brian at Titanium Satellite.


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