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7:05pm ET
Cubs (WGN) at Phillies (CSN Philadelphia/NBC Sports Philadelphia)

Mets (SNY) at Nationals (MASN 2)

Mariners (ROOT Northwest) at Yankees (WPIX)

7:07pm ET
Twins (FS North) at Blue Jays (Sportsnet)

7:10pm ET
Orioles (MASN) at Red Sox (NESN)

Royals (FS Kansas City) at Indians (Sportstime Ohio)

Pirates (AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh) at Reds (FS Ohio)

Padres (FS San Diego) at Marlins (FS Florida)

7:35pm ET
Rockies (AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain) at Braves (FS South)

8:10pm ET
Tigers (FS Detroit) at White Sox (CSN Chicago/NBC Sports Chicago)

8:15pm ET
Rays (FS Sun) at Cardinals (FS Midwest)
Free game of the day at MLB.com

9:40pm ET
Giants (KNTV) at Diamondbacks (FS Arizona)

10:05pm ET
Rangers (FS Southwest) at Athletics (NBC Sports California)

10:07pm ET
Astros (AT&T Sportsnet Southwest) at Angels (FS West)

10:10pm ET
Brewers (FS Wisconsin) at Dodgers (Sportsnet LA)  

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Pirates @ Reds  Backhaul
G17 91w
720p Hd

ron cohen

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Above feed was up this am , went black about 11:30 and hasn't returned. It's been there for all away games thus far this season, let's see what happens.

It's back. All you have to do is a re-scan.

ron cohen

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Mariners at Yankees
SES-1 (101W)
4060 H 29270

10' Winegard - BSC621 C/Ku LNBF - Venture MA818-B24 - V-Box 7 - 8x1 Switch
1.2m Prodelin @ 103W | 90CM @ 72W | 1m Muzak @ 91W | 1m DS3100 (HH120 motor) | All Avenger Universal Ku LNBF's
Icecrypt 3750 & 1600 - Linkbox 9000i Local - AZbox ME (OpenATV 3.3.1) - Prof 7500 - Wetek - Slingbox HD Pro

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7:05pm ET
Cubs (WGN) at Phillies (CSN Philadelphia/NBC Sports Philadelphia)

G14 WGN feed is up (6:15 edst)   
125.0 Galaxy 14  --  3960 H 29270  --  DVB-S/QPSK

G16 feed normally comes up around 6:40

"My neighbors cut down their weeping willow and I always wanted to be Dick Butkus"

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diamondbacks feed
40.5w 4026 L 12832 (circular) 
Telecaribe (R) channel - SD 480i
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