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I purchased a brand new Openbox S9 which worked fine for a few minutes until I tried to update the firmware to skybox_S9_CMT_110717.

As soon as the upgrade completed, the display changed to the picture below.  

Edit:  I solved it with the following:

1.  Turn receiver off using back switch and turn back on
2.  press menu
3.  press down arrow three times
4.  press right arrow one time
5.  press down arrow one time
6.  push menu (center button)
7.  push right arrow and left arrows until picture comes back.

Hope this helps someone if they have the problem.

photo (1).JPG


Watching the skies in Northern California. Two (2) Openbox S9's for c-band and KU, Prof 6200 PCI Card, Motorola DSR-922 4DTV, Geosatpro 1.2m Offset dish for KU with GEOSATpro SL1PLL LNBF on Powermax SG9120 motor; Echostar 7.5' mesh dish with Chaparral feedhorn and LNB for C-band

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hi use the loader and put another s9 file.............
10 fit c band dish running from 135W to 40W,openbox S9 DSR-920..

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don't see the need to use another file. He is just pointing out that it defaulted to PAL on him and he had to switch it to NTSC without being able to see the menus.... Happens quite often with most STBs.

Fact is the version he chose to use seems to be the most stable of all of them.
Just that it probably came with a European Sat list, so on.
Again not a big deal...
Electrosat, thanks for placing that here, should make it easier to find should I ever need to do the same....
enjoy the box, have had mine since ~ 2011, and it is still kickin..

Perfect 10 7.5' mesh Chapparal C/Ku Co-Rotor feed, Norsat 8115 CBAND, Norsat 4106A Ku Thomson Saginaw Actuator, Vbox positioner,
Home Brew Polarotor683 Servo circuit. Openbox S9, Prof7500, v4l-updatelee linux drivers installed.
ricardo's geo-orbit archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20071202191450/http://www.geo-orbit.org:80/sizepgs/tuningp2.html
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