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Back when the transition to ATSC first started channels were moving around (some from VHF to UHF) there were no listings of the actual frequencies for manual entry. You had to hope a scan would catch it or call the local engineer to ask what "digital" channel they were using. I see from the finalized chart that 800 is the upper limit for ATSC now. We have our local CBS affiliate WISH Channel 8 using ATSC channel 9 and that puts them at the 189.0 I mentioned. They were trying to move to UHF or get approval for more power because they were getting complaints. Not sure if they upped the power but being VHF they are still problematic for some.                   

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actually you won't find any major stations at high power anywhere between 52 & 69. That's because the spectrum from 700 thru 800 MHz was cleared out with the dtv transition in 2009.  That spectrum commonly referred to as 700 MHz is already or will be in use by wireless operators and emergency services across the country. Just like 25 years ago when Ch 70-83 was cleared out and sold so the first wireless networks could come on the air (800 MHz).

That's why I suggested just skipping that portion cause ur not gonna find anything there anyway.

A lot of people are hesitant to install a suitable outdoor VHF Hi antenna, that's one reason they have issues with VHF Hi.

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Well I picked up an rca 3036 for 1/2 off and the VHF reception is terrific. I no longer need an amp. UHF is so so but I get everything on a good day. Also picked up an analog signal on VHF too(on my TV) that I never was able to get.

I changed the search step to the lowest it would allow (600) and it is finding channels now. It has been scanning for about 15 minutes so far but has found 5 of the 11 channels I get.

I switched it to run from 470000 to 690000 since that is where all of my UHF channels should be. That chart answers a lot of my questions. Thanks. Too bad it doesn't scan in radio frequencies.

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I managed to scan in all of my channels but the powerful channel 9 doesn't show a picture and says: Channel information has been changed. Please try again and search or check your dish settings. I tried to rescan it in but same message.
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