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Ok I have established with research that the

OPENBOX Z5 Encrypts its recorded files so that only it can view the recorded file

OPENBOX X5 I have been told that its files DO open on a PC but the X5 has been discontinued

Why I believe the OPENBOX Its one of the greatest boxes.

1 it blindscans blazing fast

2 sensitive s2 tuner

3 its very cool doesn't heat up, so long lifetime its expected

4 its very cheap under $80 dlls

5 it comes loaded with features



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Openbox are fast to blindscan like you say, but when compared to the SR-1 it makes it look slow. SR-1 is twice as fast as my openboxes

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Does the SYNQ SR1 have recording timers? if so how many the openbox has 27 timers
also the  synoq sr1 cost almost double what the openmbox costs

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Has 10000000 timers [rofl]

Honestly IDK but could care less as I don't do much recording/programming but Blind scanning YES I DO!

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Hi, I have some questions about openbox Z5 :
1.- How sensitive is its tuner ? I remember when I bought an openbox 10, and try to locate a bird using the display screen that shows signal and quality, it was very dificult to peak S2-8PSK channels.I hope this have been changed.
2.-Accurate blindscan ? Does it miss a lot of tps ?
3.-How does it work for tps with low symbol rates ?
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