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Hello everybody,
Can anyone recommend me a bin to improve the blind scan, i have a azbox ultra, currently installed bin 0.9.5308. and takes around 20-25  minutes to scan G16.
Thanks in advance for your support!!

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No Bin will make it scan any faster.  What will are changing some of the settings in the Blind Scan menu.  You can scan in 5 MHZ steps versus 1 MHZ and you will see a pickup in speed.  Also if you set the Symbol rate to 4000  versus 1000 you will also pick up speed.  In addition if your scanning C-Band start the scan at 3700-4200 and for Ku 11700-12200.  An exception for C-Band are some of the international satellites so set those to 3400-4200 for the search parameters. 

Now you may want to adjust the MHZ and SR settings depending on what type of signals you want to find.  Another trick is to delete all but one transponder for the satellite so it doesn't have to scan any old transponders during a Blind Scan.  What this will also do is if a signal is found on nearly the same frequency as a transponder already loaded it may miss scanning that new transponder in.


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