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I am speaking of all the new Robin nests some now with eggs wide open and little hungry babies needing to have dirt worms put into their bellies. I have two of my 11.7 foot dishes put into bird shut down mode until the little guys grow some feathers and take a few flying lessons. I am too busy right now with gardens to plant and little ones of my own to feed to notice the lack of sat dish signals.

My little feather friends (called chickens) just had their chicken apartment double in size and also get a second floor loft added to their current home. Mean time the future Chicken Condo is out in the cold driveway getting its floor repaired and nesting boxes installed. While the little Robins are in a cold nest eating few cold dirt worms my buddies, the chickens, are basking under a sun lamp and having fresh grains plus chopped up lettuce and dried meal worms and a big slice of juice filled water melon to fill their bellies.

I have now found a place to use up all the old mesh sat dishes for chicken shelters from the hot summer sun and with the little Dish and Direct sat dishes I see some great nesting dish bottoms. So there is going be a lot of chicken poop passing over the old un needed sat dishes. White wash coming your way old sat dishes! I hope to get my big dishes back soon to replace my current chicken channel.


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