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Haven't used my AZ Elite in a while and had a couple questions, I'm hoping someone can help me with.

Right now I'm using Firmware 5020 which is a few years old, will Youtube work with any of the newer firmware versions that are stable?

I tried to play some media files through my Elite off one of my Network PCs.  When I click on the PC I get a message saying "Permission Denied" and it wants a username and password.  The PC in question is running Windows 7.  Does anyone know what it is looking for here?  I do not have the shared folders password protected.  I can do the same thing with a PC running XP and it works fine. 


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I have the same problem with my Premium Plus and Windows 7
I had Vista which worked fine with the Premium Plus but the hard drive died on me
When I got a new hard drive I went to Windows 7 and have never gotten it to work

What I'm saying is I think it's a Windows 7 problem????
But what do I know?

If I don't answer right away, give me a few, I'm probably chasing 16Apsk and/or 32Apsk
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