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It is always interesting how everyone has different opinions about various equipment.  One mans garbage is another mans treasures.

I have sold several hundreds of differnet V-Box versions and for the price of the units, the overall performance of them have been good.  Still have hundreds of them out in the field and working.

With that said, I have also have my fair share of various issues with some of them.

I can run my 10" Heavy Fiberglass dish with a V-Box 7 with no problems.  Using the same unit that a customer sent back that he could not get it to run his 10' mesh dish.

I have never used or sold the ASC 1, so I cannot offer any personal information on them and I am not going to trash them, just because I have chosen to not sell them or do business with Mr. Gohl.  Quite a few discussion threads about this unit are already here in this forum.

I sold out of the Pansat AP600's, which were a nice HD mover, but no servo control.

Still have some very Well Built Uniden Supra's which are Great Dish Movers and Servo Controllers (179.00 including shipping in the US) with many options in the menu to name satellites what you want.  While some just don't seem comfortable with doing a Master and a Slave Setup, I Love doing it that way.  I still Love my good ole rock solid tough built analog units and even the 2 4DTV receivers I use.  I like using the signal meters in them to help me see signal on transponders.

I hope the V-Box II units coming in will perform good.  Time will tell.

Until then, keep surfing the sky and Happy Feed Hunting!


Please e-mail me if need to make contact @ rickcaylor@aol.com.
It's Another Great Day to be Alive and Keep your eyes on the Sky!


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I read that review of the V-box and held off picking one up for years thinking it would have no chance moving my dish in the cold when it was having problems on dishes in the Banana Belt.  When the ASC-1 came out all I saw were reviews that it constantly lost satellite positions and had to be reset daily.    One day I finally broke down and got a DC clamp on amp meter and checked my draw on a particularly cold winter day.  Found out it was only around 1 amp so decided to give a V-Box a try.  It's been spinning my dish perfectly ever since.   Satellite positions stay bang on. Better than my old GI receiver.

Servo motors simply can't take the weather up here.  My skew was constantly out and motors failed often.  LNBF  hasn't given me an ounce of grief since I switched and cost less than a new servo motor.

Basically, until you buy the gear and run it for your self you are not going to know how well it's going to work for you.
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