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AMC-1 KU 103.0W

Muzak Channels
Manual pid entry required for these channels:

12145 :: V :: 20000 :: 3/4 :: DVB-S/QPSK

                            AUDIO PID
50's and 60's Hits    7496
70's Hits                 7497
Songbook               7498
80's Hits                 7499
Country Holiday      7500
Backpages              7501
Cashmere               7502
Unforgettable          7503
City Lights              7504
The Beach               7505
Swing Kings            7506
Lucille                    7507
7890                      7508
Ensemble               7509
Summer Fun          7510
Rock Show             7511
Roadhouse             7512
Country Gold          7513
Nashville USA         7514
Country Music         7515
Belissimo                7516
The Light                7517
Plaza                      7518
Impressions            7519
Summer Fun           7520
Easy Instruments    7521
Environmental         7522
Frequency               7523
Expressions            7524
Ambrosia                7525
FM-1                      7526
Hit Line                  7527
Hot FM                   7528
Strobe                   7529
Little Italy              7530
Jazz Traditions        7531
Jukebox Gold          7532
Kidtunes                7533
Ultra Hip Holiday     7534
La Musica               7535
Intermezzo             7536
Love Songs            7537
Feedback               7538
Metro                    7539
Latino Navidad-2    7540
Moodscapes           7541
Aura                      7542
Shine                    7543
The Party Playlist    7544
NU Jazz                  7545
Piano and Guitar     7546
The CafĂ©                7547
Mo' Soul                7548
Reflections            7549
empty                   7550
Toned                   7551
Tropical Breezes    7552
The Boulevard       7553
Concrete Beats       7554
Viva Mariachi          7555
Shoprite                7556
Nu Lounge             7557
La Musica              7558
Hobby Lobby         7559
Don Pablos            7560
Price Shopper        7561
RL Music Program   7562
Quebicos               7563
Stater Brothers     7564
Popeyes Radio       7565
Holiday Pop          7566
Commercials         7567
The Circuit            7568
Perimeter              7569
The New Wave       7570
Varsity                   7571
Stylus                    7572
empty                    7573
Curves 4 Women     7574
Fameous Footware    7575
Mens Wearhouse      7576
Pet Smart                7577
Radio DWS               7578
FM  DOS                   7579
Sprints Main            7580
Sports Authority       7581
Costs Plus               7582
Soulful Holiday        7583
Uptown                   7584
Exxon Mobile           7585
Moes SW Grill          7586
McDonalds              7587
Office Max              7588
Chase                    7589
Sprint                     7590
Chase Main             7591
Promo 3                  7592
Promo 4                  7593
Ultra                       7594
empty                     7595

Audio is all Mpeg 2 audio.
if PCR is needed enter the audio pid as PCR since that worked here on a couple different receivers.
for sid's listed in receivers were all 0's.

Do not confuse these with the DMX channels on another satellite.
These are the Muzak channels and they do require manual pid entry on all receivers.



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Not sure which of these you want to spend time manually entering PIDs for?

What's Playing Now -

Doesn't cover all of the channels, but most of them.

Fortec Star 90cm on a Stab HH90 with a Invacom Quad QPH-031, Fortec Star 240cm ground mount with a BSC621-2, feeding an OpenBox S10.

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That is the website that was used to identify the channel names.
If there are any not listed from the list already posted here please feel free to add the name and pid number.



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Glad you posted that info! My Internet is limited so I like to use the satellite than stream.

Thank you Vendig!!

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on g3 ku 12050/20000 some music chan.scans in plays few differnt some are playing the same song


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if you know what they are why don't you start a  different thread on those channels.

The other threads on the music channels have become so off target you can not follow them anymore.
This one is about those Muzak channels on AMC-1 ku.

Since these are manual pid entry channels this thread would be the one to use if new ones appear or changes occur for the Muzak channels.

It will make things much easier for people in the long run.




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Now playing on APID 7566. What's playing:


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Thanks George,

7566 is one of the ones that does switch due to the different seasons and holidays.

Nice to know that this one is once again active .
My main listing had it as inactive for quite some time.



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I was playing around with the Muzak channels and wanted to record some of
what was on to the internal HD, but since the pid info was not complete the Azbox
would not allow recording of the channels.

Not one to give up I decided to try a few things.


Here is what I found to work on the azbox.


Once you have manually entered the name and audio pids you can
go back in to the pid menu screen and then manually enter the following


PCR= 8190

SID #'s.. use the last 3 digits of the audio pid.

So if the audio pid was 7566 for that channel use 566 for the SID #.


for the PMT:: use one number less then the audio pid.

again as an example if the audio pid was 7566 use 565.


I had the Muzak channels set up as TV channels instead of Radio,
personal preference since I wanted to see them on my main menu screen
without the bother of going to the audio menu..

So in my case I used 65535 as my video pid and Mpeg 2 as video and audio type.


Now the Azbox allows for recording of the Muzak channels.


The first time I attempted to place the pid info on that pid menu screen
the Azbox would automatically change it back on it's own and the process
would not work, but after several different attempts after the channels were first installed
with just the audio pid info the azbox now accepts the change.

Then at the time it did accept the pmt and sid numbers the audio would
not play smoothly, sort of stop and start type of event would occur.

Then when using the 8190 pcr and the last 3 digits of the audio pid and
then figuring out the pmt pid it played fine from then on.


This is interesting since some of the stations are only on a few weeks
before they change to something else.  Especially the holiday stations
which change for the different seasons.


Right now the old holiday Pop is playing Octoberfest,

and in November there will be several other Holiday music channels
with various types of holiday music playing.


I believe the same type of setup will work with the Micro HD receiver also.

That one requires you to use the Ali editor program to manually enter the pid
info but will allow for up to 3 different audio pids at a time per channel.

I toyed with that the other day and was able to record from the Micro HD to
a usb stick but only for 2 hrs at a time.




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Can anyone give me some pointers on using the Geosat pro HD to get these channels? I have great signal on this transponder but all I get scanning in is the label "Microspace61" there is audio on this channel but that is all I can get....what am I doing wrong? I am very experienced with FTA and use to install systems for a living...however the Geosatpro HD is a new receiver I am not familiar with totally yet. Thank you  for any help [smile]

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Does anyone know whether there is a way to enter these into the TVHeadEnd backend, so they appear as radio channels in Kodi?  By default, TVHeadEnd only seems to find the Microspace video feed and the Triangle Radio Reading Service as the single audio channel.  I can't seem to find any way to set a manual PID in TVHeadEnd.

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Will a Pansat 9200 get these audio channels? Mine seems to find them and save them but nothing plays.

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may have to use channel editor and change Video pids to 8191 I think. For some reason there are receivers that scan them in but with something wrong or needed in the video pids. Even though there is no video....it will not play them....anyway I think it is 8191 for video pid...might want to try that.
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Originally Posted by skyscanner
Does anyone know whether there is a way to enter these into the TVHeadEnd backend, so they appear as radio channels in Kodi?  By default, TVHeadEnd only seems to find the Microspace video feed and the Triangle Radio Reading Service as the single audio channel.  I can't seem to find any way to set a manual PID in TVHeadEnd.

There isn't any way to manually create services from within the TVH web gui.   Once upon a time I was able to manually create services by adding  files in the .hts directory.   I have not attempted that since they switched up the config, but it may still be possible.

Probably simpler to create a feature request issue explaining why creating services manually is necessary at times.  Perexg has been extremely accommodating.

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This link has what is playing currently on those stations and the last 10 songs played:

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