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91w G17 3888 H 19748  FEC ? S2/8PSK On    (according to AZbox Ultra)
KRON prg1     SID 5 V510 A501
KRON prg2     SID6  V610  A601

Seems that KRON 4  has been added to the REELZ mux.

Watch SFO news or MYNET, if interested.

edit: removed [SD], guess the infomercial in SD threw me.
 Thanks bkday....did not think I  discovered this.


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I noticed this past Thursday night. It went away so did not post, but YES its is back as of today and has stayed on for now
openbox S10 is showing 720 HD h.264 Excellent video and signal at 91Q

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Interesting that they are running the same programming on both digital channels.  Makes me wonder whether there are plans to change that.


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That is a local OTA channel for me  and they have the same channel in HD and SD  OTA

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Seems to be just playing commercials now, then black screen for few minutes then back to commercials and back to black
No actual program on

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I'm getting E.T. on it now, just like the schedule says...

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I confirm right now there is now programming there. The Dr s is on now,

Not sure why there was a loop of commercials, then black screen and back to commercials. Again this was around 8:30 PM ET last night 
Currently very strong  91Q on the openbox S10 and 7.5 mesh. Always strong signal on this TP

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Dr. Phil on now
nice 720p picture
current signal quality is 92% on the Me but we are overcast here...

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