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I've had a pansat 9200 hd for three years now, and from day one the unit froze up constantly and the S2 signals showed 25 signal and 25 quaitly. I than purchased the az plus S2 signals no problem, The power supply quit and while waiting for parts I hooked up the 9200, well it started freezing up and no S2 signal . I searched sites and found that Pansat was gluing the heat sinks on, well sure enough I pry-ed the heat sinks off with a screwdriver ( it popped right off) cleaned off the thick glue from the process er and heat sink, put some heat sink compound on the center of the process er and 4 dabs of super glue on the 4 corners , I than removed and did a quick check on the S2 board and reinstalled it..Well no freezing and 89 quality. It's been running 2 nights now, only a no signal pops up for a few seconds but picture and quality is still there. Bottom line when I installed a PC fan a time back to cool down processors did'nt help because heat could not be transfer ed to the heat sink so the fan could blow it away.

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thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for that info. Can,t say I have had that problem with my 9200 but good to know and worth a try if it starts to act up!

Kind of curious about that az plus power supply. You say you were waiting for parts. What parts were you replacing ?

And are  the AZ Boxes still having power supply problems , as I thought they had that all  worked out or is this a older used receiver you picked up ?



AZB0X Premium HD+ , Pansat 9200HD with DVB-S2 , SonicView 8000HD ,10 foot C/ku-Band Mesh Dish One 20" Bell dish subbed ,  and a large stack of paper weights in the closet.

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I had the newer power supply, but like anything else built by human hands failed, I replaced the blown 3.15 ? amp fast blow fuse with a 5 amp fast blow fuse also replaced the capacitor and the recifier , since all parts checked out ( other than the fuse ) and not knowing if the other parts would fail due to heat. all parts included were cheaper than the $ 8.00 shipping price. There is a thread in the az plus section of this forum showing the tests and parts needed.
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