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Here it is right here Thor.Most receivers that have a fan have it mounted on the back of the enclosure pulling cool air into the box but The Coolsat has it inside the enclosure.More or less blowing the heat around...A fan is better than no fan tho.Yes it is replaceable.

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Hockeynut , that looks like a regular computer fan.  you're right about having it at the back to draw air into the case that would be best.   BUT, with that in mind do you think that I could splice into the power leads and ADD a fan to the rear of the enclosure to pull air through the case as you hinted?  If that is a computer fan, then I dont see much problem with buying a replacement.  what do you think.

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yes you can replace it.   It's nothing more than a computer fan.   Two connectors.    I would personally mount the fan on the heatsink.   The location where they put it is stupid.   Good luck!

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That may be a "computer fan". but I've never seen a computer with such a small fan.
It is 1 9/16" wide.  The picture is a bit deceiving, making it look bigger than it is.
The fan is right underneath vent holes so it can draw air in from above, and there are vent holes at the rear for the air to exit.  It's a tiny fan, but when it's running, it does do the job.  But when it quits, the receiver overheats.

It's interesting in that the picture above is somewhat different from both of my 8100s, one of which was purchased when they first became popular in the US, and the 2nd one was purchased just before CS was shut down, so it's not an old vs new thing.  There must be 2 places that they were made or something.  Or else one is a clone.  I'm sure my 2nd one came from an authorized CS dealer though, because I was forwarded some emails from CS when a repair order was taking a long time.
   But the differences are that the case in the picture has mounting protrusions that are part of the bottom case to the right of the fan, which on my unit are threaded standoff nuts.  Also, on mine, the fan is plugged into the motherboard just in front of the fan, while in the picture, it looks like a wire goes over to the power supply side of the case.  My motherboard is actually a CS8000 circuit board that has a few extra parts not found on the 8000, such as the USB port. 

When my 2nd unit overheated when the fan didn't run, I put a big 4" computer fan on top of the unit, over the vent holes, and that kept it nice and cool.  However I think the damage was already done.

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