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This is kinda digressing from the original topic as I was looking for people with an 8 foot dish to give their opinions of how their dish worked and I got a least one valid response in that area.  As for these dishes on buildings, I don't see them in my travels around Charlotte NC.  They may be there, but I'm not seeking them out as I'm getting way to old to be climbing on buildings and removing dishes.

This thread has given me insight though and I appreciate all your responses!  Thanks!

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Every one answered your question. Ku requires a "good" dish. While some signal may be there for Ku from an 8 foot mesh dish it may be that a good solid 1 meter dish may be just as good or better to use just for Ku signals. There is no way to be sure that "some other" 8 foot dish may or may not be like your dish. You just have to try it and see what happens. My prime focus spun solid Birdview dish is ok with Ku but less than my smaller 6 foot glass Ku dish. I have a nice 8 foot mesh Raydex dish which I have never put a Ku feed on because it looks to be of little value for Ku collecting.

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GeeZer, I think it's a fine plan to use that 8' mesh dish as a second C-band dish,
but I don't think it would be suitable as a Ku-only dish for the reasons I already stated,
and if you are planning to put a "corotor" type C/Ku feedhorn on it, which I gather is your plan,
then you are losing what, 1.0dB or 1.5dB on C-band? And just as much or more on Ku?
Then you have the equivalent of significantly smaller dish?
With modern, higher modulation digital feeds, you don't want to be giving up any signal, especially not on smaller dishes.
Look, I'm not trying to rain on your parade here, just giving you my best advice:
Put a C-band-only feedhorn or LNBF on that 8' mesh dish, and invest in a separate 1.0m or 1.2m Ku-only dish,
or just use the Ku from your 12' dish.

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In my honest opinion ... I would not mess with mesh dishes from KU... 

unless you are welling to spend lots and lots of time and have a spectrum analyzer to fine tune it ... it is a waist of time ...

You would be better off with a 1.2 Channel Master or prodellin Offset motorized ... 

The dish efficiency is so poor on the mesh that any 1.2 would beat that dish ...

FYI ... I myself have a 1.2 CH motorized and I can't complain ... I can get about 90% of ku signals and with the 8 Ft mesh I would suspect that you can only lock about 60-70% of the signals ... 

The key word is dish efficiency which mesh does not have on KU.

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It's been my experience that well-tuned prime focus c-band dishes used for KU, correspond to good offset KU dishes made for ku like this:

6 ft = 60cm KU
8 ft = 80cm KU
10ft = 1m KU
12ft = 1.2m KU

All that said, it's almost always better to use an offset KU dish built for ku, to receive ku, and a prime focus c-band dish built for c-band, to receive c-band...

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For what it's worth, I've only used 10-ft mesh dishes, and currently using a co-rotor and a Norsat LNB, believe that I get at least 90% of Ku feeds.  Not saying that mesh is as good as or better than a solid dish, but I think I've had pretty good luck with Ku.  I can provide some signal strengths on specific feeds if you want more detail.  
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I spend some time this morning "driving" around Charlotte via Google earth and found several dishes on the Fed Ex office building but likely they use all of them. Then over near the water processing plant is a 7 Eleven gas station and via ground view there are two nice Ku dishes on the roof of that gas station. Likely also still in use. There was a broadcast station just east of Fed Ex with 11 dishes in their parking lot area and one of them was black or likely a mesh dish. Many small business like gas station which do change ownership often are a possible source for these quality Ku dishes. Recently here a local gas station was replaced with a CVS building and the dish there was snagged by a FTA hobby person before it got smashed and landed in the land fill. You have to keep ones eyes open and looking for the deals!

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Thanks!  I'm going to dial in my 6 foot solid dish for ku here in  a couple weeks and also have a new co rotor for the 12 footer.  Actually have 2 new co rotors.  The 6 foot did great till it fell and I even replaced it with a new one.  Just haven't got it quite right even though I watch NBC news on it every night.

Will probably for now let the 8 foot change over go by the wayside for now, since it doesn't look like the 8 footer is going anywhere anytime soon.

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I can only judge what I see..
My 7.5' mesh seems to beat the parked Primestar 84e in the yard on most of the 103w Ku signals here.
The Boomer PBS 125Ku signal someone else mentioned, regularly comes in at 15 to 16 dB on the PT 7.5. in clear sky. If I had to hazard a guess based on my own experience here I would say a 1.2m Channel Master Offset my buddy has, has around a 3 dB advantage over the Perfect 10 7.5 mesh.
eg - The best SNR I have seen on his antenna is 17 dB at 103w clearsky, while for the same signal the best I have seen on mine is 14 dB clear sky, in my yard on the mesh, Primestar is generally 13 dB.

attached some figures based on those comparisons. eg - if all other factors are equal, except size and
efficiency, you can judge for yourself how bad the efficiency of a mesh antenna is on Ku.
Will it work for many signals?
Will it receive every single signal out there?
No, probably not.
Do you care? Up to you...

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